How To Wrap Up The Old Year and Start The New Year Right


Guest Blogpost by Corina Ludwig, President, FunctionFox about how to wrap up the old year and start the new one right with a free demo and deep holiday discounts on North America’s number one ranked web-based timesheet and project management software.

The end of the year is a time to reflect on the past 12 months, to tie up loose ends, and to set yourself up for a successful, profitable New Year. The goal? Find more billable hours, improve workflow, and free more time to Stay Creative.


Close The Door On Last Year’s Internal Projects.

Non-billable, internal projects like vacations, sick time, holidays and training are easier to track if their start date is the same as the beginning of your fiscal year, and their due date is at the end. By closing internal projects every year, you can make year-to-year comparisons, discover areas of potentially billable time that has been lost, and change tasks or improve tracking processes for the coming year.

Open Communication.

As you’re signing and sending greeting cards to your clients, think about establishing other communication traditions – internally and externally – that will make project goals and objectives clear, and ensure that everyone is always up to speed. Review any documents you currently use – quotes and estimates, project request forms, progress reports, invoices, etc. – and update them as needed. Then look for other ways to keep the lines of communication open: scheduled milestone meetings, project blogs and messaging features included in your timesheet or project management system all help

Take The Mystery Out Of It.

Waiting for Santa to arrive is excruciating for kids because they never know when he’s going to arrive. Clients, especially those that have not worked extensively with creative teams, often feel the same about the creative process. When will I see proofs? What’s happening? Do they really understand me? The solution, of course, is transparency. End the year by assessing your time tracking and project management practices to ensure that they capture the kind of up-to-date information that reassures clients and builds trust. Still using paper timesheets? Now’s the time to find a better way of handling admin tasks, so you can improve workflow and de-mystify your process in the New Year.

Stay Creative.

Every hour you spend on non-billable administrative tasks (hello timesheets!) is stolen directly from your creative time. In order to be in top creative form to do the work that drives your business, you need to take back that time. Take a good, hard look at last year’s projects – how much time did you spend on non-billable admin? How much of that could you save by putting better time and project management practices in place? Resolve to manage your time and projects better, and be sure follow through. Not only will you enjoy the new year more, but you’ll see a real increase in billable hours, smoother workflow, and best of all, you’ll have more time to Stay Creative.

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