Kristine Hwang: Educator To Watch 2019


Our 2019 Educators To Watch series shines the spotlight on people who are making a difference to their art and design students, schools and communities.



Kristine Hwang is an Associate Professor in Graphic Communications at the School of Art and Design, College of The Arts at Kennesaw State University. Hwang is a graphic designer, researcher and an educator who delivers cutting edge and innovative creations. Hwang’s research focuses on improving communication with fundamentals of design and the most advanced technology through digital publishing designs and Augmented Reality. She is an award winning designer and has presented her research at regional, national and international conferences along with exhibiting her work internationally. With a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, Hwang is still pursuing her passion, teaching and sharing her knowledge and work experiences from Kodak & web, advertising, and design consulting companies, with her students. In addition to teaching, Hwang enjoys working on projects for non-profit organizations and pro bono projects. Using her innovative design skills, she creates prints by reusing used paper, and artwork with old magazines and toilet paper rolls because she wants to leave a positive, sustainable impact on current environmental issues. She strongly believes that her creative graphic and interactive design work will influence our daily lives and contribute to a better society.

How and why did you decide to make education a meaningful part of your career?

I always want to be in an academic environment, and education never ends in my life. When I was in my master’s program, I began teaching graphic design courses. Then, I felt assured after the experience: teaching and practicing design are two important elements of my career goals. I always enjoy sharing my knowledge and professional experiences with students. Furthermore, I take pleasure in watching them grow into becoming professional designers. Education is an integral factor for me because it makes me more knowledgeable and also allows me to grow as a more profound human being.

How do you balance teaching the fundamentals vs. responding to a fast-changing world?

Fundamentals are the basics of design. Without intense comprehension of fundamentals, you cannot respond well to the changing world of media, technology, and culture. Technology, social media, and cultural changes extremely impact our lives. I focus on teaching fundamentals to make sure they are harmoniously applied to fast growing technologies and related to the social media and cultural changes for the best experiences and performances for empathy to humankind.