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Five Creative Jobs For The Taking

Guest Post by Diane Domeyer, The Creative Group

Here’s some good news for first-time job seekers and those looking to make a career move: Twenty-one percent of advertising and marketing executives surveyed by The Creative Group said they anticipate adding staff in the second half of 2015, up nine percent from one year ago.

The following are the top five roles executives plan to hire for:

Creative/art direction – 27%
Account services – 27%
Content marketing – 26%
Interactive media – 26%
Brand/product management – 25%

For more information about the research, visit the TCG Blog.


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Web Designers Turn To Interactive Tours

As a web designer, you are looking for new ways to add value for your clients and prospects. And to help their websites — and ultimately their businesses — stand out from the crowd. To that end, Google has introduced Google Business View, a state-of-the-art interactive virtual tour that enables consumers to experience all sorts of facilities and explore panoramic views by coming in and “walking around” your restaurant, retail shop, club, event space and catering halls, rental properties, gyms, yoga, Pilates and fitness centers, medical offices, and other facilities. The virtual tour is visible on Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+, with a “See Inside” feature which significantly raises site SEO. It is a powerful traffic driver, and it is easily embedded into any website for which you are responsible.


To make the service accessible and affordable, Google has trained and certified a small and select group of photographic specialists — Google Trusted Photographers — who have the knowledge and equipment to take the high-quality images, turn them into the dramatic 360-degree panoramic tours, and to post the tours so that their power is maximized for Google search. A leading Google Trusted Photographer available for assignments and projects in New York City, Long Island and the Tri-State area is Virtual 360 NY. Known for its attention to detail, Virtual 360 NY has the experience and training to take high quality photos of businesses, to use Google’s proprietary technology to post interactive tours and still photographs and link them to Google searches, to work seamlessly with web designers, and to do so with no disruption to the ongoing business.


Jeff Rosenberg, an experienced photographer who founded Virtual 360 NY says that, for web designers, hiring a Google Trusted Photographer enhances the web design project in practical ways that all clients will appreciate. Explains Rosenberg “When potential customers search for the business by name, they will see the images displayed directly on the search results page to give customers a better sense of layout, decor, the appeal of the interior. That is great for business and for traffic. 75% of people now search on Google. In addition, the 360-degree panoramic interactive tour can be embedded right into the website and shared with current customers and visitors.”

You can tour several sample sites — representing restaurants, real estate, professional services, retail, golf club, hotels, among others — now.


Cashmere Rose,9

Finding Pantone Colors In Real Life

Guest blogpost by DL Cade, 500px and prime.500px.com

As you may know, the folks at Pantone have released their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015 — picking 10 colors they believe will define the upcoming fall season — colors that display, “an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.”

Designers often look to these recommendations to shape their design decisions in the fall, and so we thought we’d ask our design team to dig into the 500px collection and find one photo to match each of Pantone’s 10 Fall 2015 colors.

As usual, they delivered in the most beautiful terms, finding great 500px photos that capture both the earthy and the bold tones picked by Pantone this year. Check out the photos below. If you’re looking to use photos that match Pantone’s recommendations this fall, click on your favorite image and pick the license of your choice. And if you’re a photographer hoping to sell photos that match Pantone’s fall colors, enable your 500px Marketplace and use these images as inspiration.


Pantone 17-067 Dried Herb 

Dried fennel seeds seen close-up. The seeds are used in cookery and in treating stomach ailments.

Pantone 16-0110 Desert Sage

dried bay leaves

Pantone 18-4214 Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather.3 jepg

Pantone 16-1144 Oak Bluff 

Pantone 18-1438 Marsala

Marsala,5 jpeg

Pantone 18-4726 Biscay Bay

Pantone 19-4326 Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond,7

Pantone 15-1340 Cadmium Orange

Pantone 16-2215 Cashmere Rose 

Cashmere Rose,9

Pantone 17-3628 Amethyst Orchid

Amethyst Orchid,10


Health + Wellness Design Awards Now Open

For more than five decades, we have presented competitions that focus on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design. In 2015, that’s the perfect description of health and wellness, the hottest topic in the news and the fastest-growing segment of the economy. GDUSA’s Health + Wellness Design Awards encompasses the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries and providers such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and homecare, pharmaceuticals and insurance, as well as newly energized preventive and holistic areas such as fitness and exercise, meditation and spirituality, natural and organic foods, and clean and toxic free lifestyles. It’s a great opportunity to be recognized by clients, prospects and the community for design excellence in an area of ultimate importance, fundamental transformation, and robust growth.


Indeed, last year’s 100 winning designs came from design firms, ad agencies, companies and institutions representing the breadth of the health and wellness world such as the CDC and the NIH, American College of Cardiology and American Health Lawyers Association, VitaminWorld and The Vitamin Shoppe, Blue Shield of California and Capital Blue Cross, Chicago Vegan Foods and Suja Juices, City of Hope and Huntsman Cancer Institute, Angie’s List and Lenox Yoga, PepsiCo and Chevron, National Children’s Hospital and Loyola University Health System, Psychotherapy Networker and The Plastic Surgery Center, Einstein Health Network and Viridian Health Management, Health Magazine and Staywell, Hospital for Special Surgery and Heart Rhythm Society, YMCA and Watercrest Senior Living, Cigna and Kaiser Permanente, MediMedia Managed Markets and Medi-Weightloss, Patterson Dental and Just Body Essentials, EMD Millipore and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Labs and Cigna, Organization for Autism Research and Seattle Children’s Research Institute, U.S. Composting Council and Water Safety Corporation, North Shore-LIJ and Nature’s Origin, Bio Terra Herbs and Braga Fresh Family Farms, Airrosti and Abbott Labs, Lucile Packard Foundation and The Lutheran Foundation, Hard Exercise Works and Quality Living, Inc., Pilates Aligned and No Place Like Om, and many more.

health and wellness 4


Erickson Stock is the exclusive sponsor. This premier source for high-quality, emotional lifestyle stock photos and video footage offers collections that include healthcare, of course, but also business, travel, healthcare, family and many other image libraries. Erickson Stock Photography is the work of renowned assignment photographer Jim Erickson.

The deadline is August 21 and the entry form can be downloaded now.







30 Minutes To A Refreshed Resume

You get a call out of the blue: A recruiter saw your digital portfolio on Behance or read your profile on LinkedIn and now wants a current resume, stat! Problem is, it’s outdated. According to the specialized staffing folks at The Creative Group, here are five quick ways to update the document.

1. Go Big and Bold.
Your name is your calling card. Make sure it pops with a font that’s heavier and several sizes larger than the main text.

2. Do The Shuffle.
Rearrange your resume so your job history is in reverse chronological order, beginning with your present position. Your education comes next, and then a list of technical and soft skills.

3. Let It Breathe.
Your resume should be inviting and easy to scan. Add white space to create focus, improve readability and avoid overwhelming the reader.

4. Get To The Point.
Hiring managers are busy – don’t make them spend extra time picking out what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Make it easy for them to scan your work history by highlighting section headers and bolding job titles.

5. Erase The Extras.
Resumes, like anything else, follow trends, and the latest is to nix the objective, hobbies, irrelevant skills and the gratuitous “References available upon request” line.

There are more resume refresh tips on the TCG Blog.



Webinar To Present Practical Advice On Color

I hear from many, many designers about many, many of their challenges. A common gripe is how hard it is to choose the optimal colors and color combinations, especially when designing for the web.

That’s why I am happy to share with you that Monotype is planning a webinar for July 1 which will address the topic. Entitled Color Is Relative, it follows up on a very popular company-sponsored webinar early in June addressing Pro Tips for Picking Web Fonts. As I am sure you know, the company is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for our community.

In describing the color-themed webinar Monotype states: “In design, we rely on color to accentuate key tasks, indicate links, differentiate data and sometimes just bring the pretty. So what happens when the colors we pick aren’t the colors the reader sees? In this free webinar, designer and illustrator Geri Coady explains how important color is to imparting essential information, and how chromatic choices create more confusion than clarity.”

coadyCoady is a self-described “color-obsessed freelance designer and illustrator (and occasional photographer)” is a well-known author and speaker on the topic, as well as a design advisor to many high-profile clients. She will cover, among other things: (1) The different ways people perceive color (2) How those perceptions can affect a site’s UX and usability and (3) Practical advice on how to create attractive, accessible designs.

I am registered for the Color Is Relative webinar, and I would recommend it highly.




GDUSA Unveils New Responsive Website

This week GDUSA introduces a redesigned website — gdusa.com — which extends and evolves our core identity.

The idea behind GDUSA is simple and straightforward, and has not fundamentally changed since its founding as Graphic Design USA in 1963. We gather news, ideas, information, trends, products and services about professional graphic design, and present it in a way that is accessible, useful, inclusive, and helps build and celebrate the creative community.

At one time, the print magazine served the purpose. But the ways in which readers touch you and you touch them has dramatically changed. Today GDUSA is a printed magazine which continues to grow in size and stature, but it is also a website, an e-newsletter, a digital magazine for desktop, tablet and mobile, a competition organizer, and a generator of social media to a large subscriber base of print readers and an even larger assembly of e-subscribers. 


Our new responsive website arises from that spirit. Our previous site was conceptually tied to the print magazine and the rhythms of its publication. The new site is entirely re-thought and redesigned to be an independent news, ideas and information source. With technology that allows us maximum flexibility to deliver timely content on a daily, even hourly, basis even while integrating the best of the magazine and enews. With larger and more impactful imagery for a visually sophisticated audience. With a cleaner look and easier reading experience that displays across digital devices. With more streamlined ways for readers to engage and interact.


The project was undertaken entirely inhouse since we are best positioned to understand, elevate and update a brand we live and breathe everyday. The project was led by our incomparable Creative Director Ilana Greenberg, who quite simply excels at creating communications that are strategic, beautiful and effective. A special thanks as well to Hoff Communications for their efforts.

Welcome to the new gdusa.com. It is of the moment, but it extends and enhances a mission that dates back more than half a century.