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American Package Design Awards sponsored by neenah



Design Firm: Boxwood, Seattle WA   Client: Blue Grouse Estate Winery & Vineyard   Title: New Estate Wine Package   Art Director: Joe Chauncey   Designer: Joe Chauncey   Illustrator: Joe Chauncey   Photographer: Joe Chauncey   Paper: Printed on CLASSIC®  Wine Label Papers, view on neenahpaper.com   


Design Firm: Bridgemark, Mississauga ONT   Client: Radical Road Brewing Co.   Title: The Wayward Son   Art Director: Steve Davis   Designer: Jeff Boulton   

Ceradini Brand Design

Design Firm: Ceradini Brand Design, Brooklyn NY   Client: Remy Martin   Title: Remy Martin V VIP Pack   Art Director: David Ceradini   Designer: Lori Raymer   

Ceradini Brand Design

Design Firm: Ceradini Brand Design, Brooklyn NY   Client: Purity Vodka   Title: Purity Vodka Shipper   Art Director: David Ceradini   Designer: Lori Raymer   

CF Napa Brand Design

Design Firm: CF Napa Brand Design, Napa CA   Client: Gratitud Wines   Title: Gratitud Package Design   Creative Director: David Schuemann   Design Director: Kevin Reeves   Designer: Dana Deininger   Photographer: Tucker &   Hossler Photography   

Chandon Nicholas

Design Firm: Chandon Nicholas, Vero Beach FL   Client: Watercrest Senior Living Group   Title: Watercrest Custom Wine Bottles   Art Directors: Jacqueline Williams, Marc Vorkapich   Designer: Jacqueline Williams   Illustrator: Jacqueline Williams   Photographer: Jacqueline Williams   

Chase Design Group

Design Firm: Chase Design Group, South Pasadena CA   Title: 72/27 Vodka   Creative Director: Clark Goolsby   Designers: Steph Goralnick, Jorden Haley   


Design Firm: CIULLA ASSOC, Chicago IL   Title: CIULLA Holiday Wine Executive   Creative Director: Sam J. Ciulla   Designer: Sam J. Ciulla   


Design Firm: DAVIS, Mississauga ONT   Client: Constellation Brands   Title: VEX Hard Lemonade   Art Directors: Jeff Davis, Mark Roberts   Designer: Jeff Boulton   

Delphine Keim Graphic Design

Design Firm: Delphine Keim Graphic Design, Moscow ID   Client: Boathouse Wine Cooperative   Title: Boathouse Wine Labels   Art Director: Delphine Keim   Designer: Delphine Keim   Illustrator: Sally Graves Machlis   Photographer: Joseph Pallen (Product Photography)   Paper: Printed on ESTATE LABEL®  Papers, view on neenahpaper.com   

Jake Designs

Design Firm: Jake Designs, Susanville CA   Client: Bon Goût Wineries   Title: Wine Packaging   Designer: Jake Brennan   Photographer: Jake Brennan   Paper: Printed on PLIKE®  Papers, view on neenahpaper.com   

Jansy Packaging

Design Firm: Jansy Packaging, Chicago IL   Client: Hewy Wine Chillers   Title: Corkcicle   Design: Jansy Packaging   

Match Drive

Design Firm: Match Drive, Norwalk CT   Client: Pernod Ricard USA/Mumm Napa Winery   Title: Mumm Napa Santana Supernatural Bottles   Art Director: Robin Mazzola   Designer: Kaitlin Imwalle   Illustrator: Vitaliy Romanenko   


Design Firm: MiresBall, San Diego CA   Client: Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits   Title: Ballast Point Spirits   Creative Director: Scott Mires   Design Director: Dylan Jones   Illustrator: Paul Elder   Copywriter: David Fried Account Director: Kristi Jones   

MS Design

Design Firm: MS Design, Vista CA   Client: Flight Winery   Title: Barrel Roll Zin   Art Director: Maysa Swaffer   Designer: Maysa Swaffer   Illustrator: Maysa Swaffer   Photographer: Ryan Cossey   

Phillips Distilling Company

Design Firm: Phillips Distilling Company, Minneapolis MN   Client: Phillips Schnapps   Title: Phillips Schnapps Redesign   Art Director: Marla Burke   Designer: Phalen Elonich   Photographer: Phalen Elonich   

Routhier Design Group

Design Firm: Routhier Design Group, Northfield VT   Client: Citizen Cider   Title: Unified Press Hard Cider Label   Art Director: Jason Routhier   Designers: Jason Routhier, Jeff Holmes   Photographer: Kris Nelson   

Safari Sundays

Design Firm: Safari Sundays, New York NY   Client: Mike’s Hard Lemonade   Title: Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry   Art Director: Adam Walko   

Spring Design Partners

Design Firm: Spring Design Partners, New York NY   Client: Molson Coors Canada   Title: Molson Canadian Cider   Art Director: Ron Wong   Designers: Ryan Irven, Brian Stafflinger   

The Shear Partnership

Design Firm: The Shear Partnership, Norwalk CT   Client: Tanduay Distillers - Brand Action Team   Title: Tanduay Rum   Art Director: Richard Shear   Designer: Lael Porcelli   

TRYBE Creative LLC

Design Firm: TRYBE Creative LLC, Benicia CA   Client: Graziano Family of Wines   Title: Graziano Syrah Tawny Dessert Wine   Art Director: Wendy White   Designer: Wendy White   Photographers: Michael Dare, Erin Marie Cadwallader   

TRYBE Creative LLC

Design Firm: TRYBE Creative LLC, Benicia CA   Client: The WineShop at Home   Title: Panache Lane   Art Director: Wendy White   Designer: Wendy White   Photographers: Michael Dare, Erin Marie Cadwallader   

TRYBE Creative LLC

Design Firm: TRYBE Creative LLC, Benicia CA   Client: Graziano Family of Wines   Title: Saint Gregory-Brut   Art Director: Wendy White   Designer: Wendy White   Photographers: Michael Dare, Erin Marie Cadwallader   

UBS Design

Design Firm: UBS Design, New York NY   Client: Ichishima Sake Brewery   Title: Ichishima Sake Branding   Art Director: Etsumi Imamura   Designer: Etsumi Imamura   Photographer: Kazuhiro Nakazawa   

Wallace Church, Inc.

Design Firm: Wallace Church, Inc., New York NY   Client: Wallace Church, Inc.   Title: WC 2013 Thanksgiving   Wine: Feather Leaf   Art Director: Stan Church   Designer: Ithinand Tubkam   

Watermark Design

Design Firm: Watermark Design, Charlottesville VA   Client: Boneyard Wines   Title: Boneyard Wines Series   Art Director: Wes Webb   Designers: Wes Webb, Jena Thielges   Illustrators: Wes Webb, Jena Thielges   Photographers: Wes Webb, Jena Thielges