Choose Print


In January 2011, Printing Industries Association of Southern California (PIASC) launched its Choose Print campaign to promote the effectiveness and environmental credentials of print on paper. Since then, Choose Print has spread nationwide, with the support of Printing Industries of America (PIA) and its regional affiliate associations. Choose Print has an exciting story to tell — a story of print’s resilience which can be traced to its unique qualities: It is enduring, versatile, credible, inviting, popular, beautiful, personalizable, recyclable, and renewable. The hub of the campaign is the Choose Print website, a clearinghouse for recent research and links to credible websites that tell the story about why today it is not print or digital but “print and digital”.The campaign has taken on considerable momentum, and includes direct mail, printed brochures, reprintable articles, news releases, YouTube videos, social media, an advertising campaign, and vehicle wraps.