Guy Conti Art & Design Inc.


For over 30 years, Guy Conti Art & Design (GCAD) has been guiding world class brands from packaging concept to comp and beyond. The firm’s comps, prototypes, mock-ups and production art assist designers and marketers to clearly see, decide and communicate what can be expected on shelf and in store. GCAD is: Accurate, understanding the importance of simulating accurate color, texture, finish, look, and feel; Fast, seeing its role as meeting your deadlines quickly and efficiently; and Valuable, providing clients with clarity when it is time to make key design decisions. The firm has worked with the largest cosmetic, beauty, and personal care brands in the world, including Estee Lauder, Avon, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Laura Mercier, Coty, as well as many boutique design and branding studios.