Sappi North America, is a subsidiary of global pulp and paper group Sappi Limited, a market leader in converting wood fiber into superior products. The success of its four diversified businesses ‒ high quality Coated Printing Papers, Specialised Cellulose, Release Papers and Specialty Packaging – is driven by strong customer relationships, best-in-class people and advantaged assets, products and services. Notable for GDUSA readers: the high quality Coated Printing Papers, including McCoy, Opus, Somerset and Flo, which serve as a key platform for premium magazines, catalogs, books and high-end print advertising; and the growing portfolio of Packaging and Specialty Papers. Sappi is also respected for its Ideas That Matter grant program, which gives designers funds to fuel change, helping establish over 500 charitable programs. Says Patti Groh, Marketing Communications Director, Sappi North America: “Nearly two decades ago, Sappi saw a need to invest in a platform that combined design excellence with charity, hence Ideas that Matter was born. We could not be more proud of the work that has come out of the program because our grant recipients are truly making a positive, measurable impact around the world.” Shown here, Growing Girls Project by MICA’s Graphic Design Program, a 2016 grant winner.