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June 2016 Newsletter
I used to be obsessively fearful of vaccinations because the needle stung like hell. Right through high school, my mother would come into the doctor's office with me for comfort. This slightly strange memory was triggered by this month's Take 5 (below) — The Creative Group's take on the worst questions to ask a job interviewer. Turns out the first worst is: “Can my mom sit in on the interview?” I'm not sure why that's bad, but I'll take their word for it. You'll enjoy the other questions and I am sure you can gin up some of your own.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
Annual Color Forecast
Annual Color Forecast Is A Call For Calmness
Pantone’s color forecasts are highly anticipated. The PANTONE Fashion Color Report, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors forecast, an introduction of 112 new colors…
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Yoshinoya Lettermark
Yoshinoya Lettermark Solves Culture Challenge
The Yoshinoya brand is known in that country for its beef bowls and tradition of efficient service in Japan and California…
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Yellow Fan
PG&E Brings Zero Net Energy Home
Pacific Gas and Electric Company recently opened a regional office featuring a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Home display…
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Mother Jones 40th Anniversary Redesign
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Mother Jones decided to redesign the print and online products inhouse…
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Taking Typography To The Next Level
Taking Typography To The Next Level with OpenType Features
Register Now For This New Webinar Hosted By Monotype
Quality typography is no small task. Designers need to find the right font for the right project, as well as typefaces that pair well together. Once they start setting their type, they must consider how to treat weights and styles in their type hierarchy and set their type scale. In addition, designers need to think about measure, leading/line-heights, contrast, color, how to create emphasis, and so on. And that’s just to get to a good standard.
The difference between good typography and great typography is often that last 5% ‒ the fine tuning of the seemingly small stuff that gives a design polish, refinement, and finesse…
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2016 American Graphic Design Awards
Enter Our 2016 American Graphic Design Awards
Deadline: June 23, 2016 • Sponsored by Verso Corporation
The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by this national design competition for five decades. The competition is open to everyone in the community…
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Erickson Stock
The Worst Questions to Ask an Interviewer

They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Sadly, we’re not so sure after The Creative Group recently asked more than 400 advertising and marketing executives to share the most unusual questions they have heard of an applicant posing during a job interview. Here are five of the strangest responses:

“Can my mom sit in on the interview?”

“How many office parties do you have?”

“When can I start taking time off?”

“Is it OK to date coworkers?”

“Can you be quiet? I have to take a call from another potential employer.”

Now that we’ve covered questions to avoid asking an interviewer, what kinds of queries should you serve up? Generally speaking, your goal should be to show interviewers that you’ve done your research and are serious about the opportunity. Here are some ideas.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.
The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in placing a range of highly skilled interactive, design and marketing professionals with a variety of firms. For more information, please visit Connect with TCG on Facebook and Twitter

2016 Logo Trends
2016 Logo Trends Report Sees Simplicity As King
A Guest Post by Bill Gardner, Founder of LogoLounge
Simplicity is king once again. Typography has taken a decidedly strong swing to the austere. Nearly a neo-Swiss style, many wordmarks have abandoned much of their personality and adopted a universal sans serif construction. I say neo because with every incarnation of a style there are shifts from its former self.…
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The Creative Group
NYC Rebrand
Big Apple Rebrands Led by NYC’s Inhouse Team
New York City has launched a rebrand led by NYC & Co., the official inhouse creative and marketing agency for the city…
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CTI Paper
2016 American Web Design Awards
2016 American Web Design Awards
Sponsored by The Creative Group
This competition is our annual showcase of the power of design to enhance websites and online communications…
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Passion for Print
Passion for Print in the Age of Social Media
For the 53rd year, GDUSA has conducted a reader survey about print design. Today, print is an option and a choice…
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Ohana Culture Inspires
‘Ohana Culture Inspires Butler Bros. Rebrand
Maui Brewing Company recently launched new branding and packaging designed to make its unique line-up of beers…
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2016 Health + Wellness Awards
Enter The 2016 Health + Wellness Awards
Deadline: August 19, 2016 • Sponsored by Erickson Stock
For five decades, GDUSA has presented competitions that focus on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design. In 2016, that’s the perfect description of health and wellness, the fastest-growing segment of the economy.…
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Gordon Kaye, Publisher
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