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Shelf Life
GDUSA’s Package Design Enewsletter
GDUSA has conducted a print and paper reader survey for 53 years. An intriguing result from the past two years: designers perceive design for packaging as a growth opportunity because it has been less directly impacted by online communications, and because package and instore graphics are well-situated to advance a brand and make the sale in a cluttered media marketplace. The entire survey, including pithy reader comments on the role and future of print design, is referenced below.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
Winc Responsibly
Ferroconcrete Urges Wine Shoppers To Winc Responsibly
Formally known as Club W, this “personalized wine club” was founded in 2012; it produces wines through a select group of winegrowers and bottlers to service online subscriptions and stores nationwide like Whole Foods.…
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Ohana Culture Inspires
‘Ohana Culture Inspires Rebrand of Maui Brewing
Maui Brewing Company launched new branding and packaging designed to make its line-up one, cohesive family…
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Neenah Packaging
Custom Labels
Encouraging Pick Your Pepper Custom Labels
Dr. Pepper is introducing a Pick Your Pepper campaign, described as “an experience of self-expression…”
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Passion for Print
Print Passion Remains in Social Media Age
Our 53rd Annual Print Design Survey focuses on existential questions: its role, purpose and future…
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Neenah Packaging Box Wrap
Neenah Packaging Box Wrap: New Portfolio, Custom Options
Want your next packaging project to look like it’s wrapped in exotic skins or fine leather? Or made of metal? Need a sustainable design solution? Want to customize your paper design to fit your brand? Then welcome to the new Neenah Packaging Box Wrap Portfolio…
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Rum Branding
Founder’s Story For Lamb’s Rum Branding
Before you can move a brand forward, you need to know where it came from. With Lamb’s Rum, it’s a history…
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Annual Color Forecast
Annual Color Forecast Is A Call For Calmness
The Fashion Color Report, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors forecast, and Color of the Year all have a heavy influence…
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Graphic Design Awards
Enter Our 2016 American Graphic Design Awards
The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by this national design competition for five decades…
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Chambord Gift Box
Adding Extra Flavor to the Chambord Gift Box
The award-winning Chambord bottle and its holiday gift box debuted in 2015 and will appear again this fall…
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Logo Trends Report
2016 Logo Trends Report Sees Simplicity As King
Bill Gardner, Founder of LogoLounge, presents the thought that the KISS principle is making a comeback…
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Typography Webinar
Taking Typography To The Next Level with OpenType Features
A New Webinar On How To Go From Good To Great
Quality typography is no small task. Designers need to find the right font for the right project, as well as typefaces that pair well together. Once they start setting their type, they must consider how to treat weights and styles in their type hierarchy and set their type scale. In addition, designers need to think about measure, leading/line-heights, contrast, color, how to create emphasis, and so on. And that’s just to get to a good standard.…
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