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GDUSA’s Package Design Enewsletter
The GDUSA June magazine featured an annual logo trends report by Bill Gardner of Logolounge. His primary observation: simplification is on the rise in an era of small screens and short attention spans, and designers are finding stripped down circles an especially effective way to achieve simplicity. Check out the news of Mastercard’s rebrand (below) and understand why we consider Mr. Gardner and his site so trustworthy.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
Murphy-Goode Wine Labels
Murphy-Goode Wine Labels Emphasize Vintage Americana
San Francisco-based beverage branding and packaging design firm Swig Studio has designed new labeling for Sonoma winery Murphy-Goode that reflects a rugged California style and an easily approachable message…
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Kids II and Joe Duffy
Kids II & Joe Duffy For Baby Products
Kids II, global leader in infant and toddler toys and gear, has announced the relaunch of signature brands…
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Neenah Packaging
Mastercard Makeover
Mastercard Makeover By Bierut and Hayman
Mastercard’s graphic look has changed little in five decades, even though the symbol has enormous brand equity…
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Passion for Print
Colombia-based Coffee In the Family
Cafe De La Corte is a family owned coffee farm in Colombia with a new identity by NYC’s The Collected Works…
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Jack Daniels
Designing A System For The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection
This year the iconic Jack Daniel Distillery celebrates 150 years of making whiskey. That history of extraordinary quality and craftsmanship is evident in all of its products, including the Single Barrel Collection…
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CBA Helps Universal Audio
CBA Helps Universal Audio Up The Volume
Universal Audio has been a leader in professional recording equipment but not so much with consumers…
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Dogfish Head Packaging
Dogfish Head Packaging Salutes Innovation
Innovation has always been at the heart of Dogfish Head brewery, which aims to provide a variety of beer options…
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Wise Launches Food Truck Favorites
America has become a food truck nation; food truck revenue in the US will reach $2.7 billion by 2017…
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Craig Calsbeek Packaging
Craig Calsbeek Packaging For Quality & Durability
Craig Calsbeek Graphic Design recently completed the packaging graphic design for Aquatech USA’s full line…
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Digital Print Cover Contest
Enter the 2016 Digital Print Cover Contest
The editors have organized the 2016 DIGITAL PRINT COVER CONTEST, presented by GDUSA and sponsored by Neenah. Neenah covers your entry fee to make it FREE for you to enter as many cover designs as you wish. And the process to enter is fast and simple…
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Chambord Gift Box
More Printing Options With PANTONE®
Get the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated guide via an exclusive Promotional Offer at Pantone’s Website
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Erickson Royalty Free
Erickson Stock Debuts Royalty Free Model
Erickson Stock announces part of its collection is being released to a new royalty free pricing model…
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IBM Maintains Brand Fidelity
Learn How IBM Maintains Brand Fidelity In A Global Market
Free Registration For A Monotype Webinar On Brand Consistency & Achievement
For its next webinar, How IBM Designs for a Global Market (August 9th, 1pm EDT), Monotype has teamed up with IBM’s Design Language Lead Hayley Hughes for an exclusive look into how IBM approached this challenge. The webinar will detail how IBM improved brand consistency globally and the measurable impact this had on brand engagement…
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