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August 2016 Newsletter
Even with a woman President-in-waiting and other glass ceilings cracking, marketing messages aimed at females continue the tired use of visual cliches. So says CBX Executive Creative Director Allison Koller who, in a recent TEDx talk, lamented “How quickly we become a sea of eyes, bellybuttons, breasts and beautiful booties.” For more from Ms. Koller, check out her comments below.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
McDonalds and DDB Website
McDonald’s and DDB Serve Up Progressive New Website
Following redesigns of its restaurants, packaging and menu, McDonald’s has redesigned its website. Among the highlights: a clean fresh look, location-based menus that feature local options, and easier navigation for users ‒ especially mobile ones…
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Hybrid Welcomes Everyone
Hybrid Welcomes All To Levi’s 501 Day
Levi’s wanted to celebrate their iconic 501 jean by hosting their Levi’s 501 Day event in New York City…
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CBX Expert at TEDx
CBX Expert at TEDx: Lose The Cliches
Brands need to soar past the sea of clichéd visual codes if they want to connect with real women…
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45 Pin Project
45 Pin Project Buttons Support Hillary
Campaign buttons are a personal way to tell the story of a candidate and express support for a campaign…
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Adobe MAX
GDUSA 2016 Health + Wellness Design Awards
Enter The GDUSA 2016 Health + Wellness Design Awards
Sponsored by Erickson Stock - Deadline: August 26, 2016
For five decades, GDUSA has presented competitions that focus on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design. In 2016, that’s the perfect description of health and wellness, the fastest-growing segment of the economy
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CTI Paper
Odgis Develops Logo
Odgis Develops Logo For Political Experts
The Eurasia Group has global recognition, so Odgis + Co was challenged to make this presence apparent.…
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Odgis Develops Interlocking Logo
LEAP Addresses Design For Social Innovation
Designmatters at ArtCenter College of Design has published the wisdom of 84 game changers in the field…
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5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

When it comes to your career, you are committed and passionate. Your job is fulfilling. In many ways it has become a part of your identity. But is there a downside to your dedication? Check out these five tips on how to avoid taking it too far, and becoming a workaholic.

Strike the right work-life balance. Too much work can be unhealthy, unproductive and unrewarding. Not to mention it can lead to burnout, which can seriously hinder creativity. Remember to take the opportunities to tend to key life functions no matter how long your to-do list.

Manage your schedule effectively. Practice better time management by declining non-essential meetings and creating space on your calendar to tackle important projects.

Learn to delegate. You will have more time if you know how to delegate tasks as appropriate. Know what requires your expertise and what doesn’t and be honest about what you can take on.

Create clear boundaries. There will no doubt be days when you have to stay late at the office to meet deadlines or return emails. But it’s unwise to make this a habit.

Make working work for you. When you love what you do, you want to do it; and you want to do it well. That is why it’s important to find a healthy balance.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.
The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in placing a range of highly skilled interactive, design and marketing professionals with a variety of firms. For more information, please visit Connect with TCG on Facebook and Twitter

Erickson Stock
ADC Last Supper Celebration
Sagmeister, Lois, Antonelli at ADC
The Art Directors Club kicked off their Young Guns events with a “Last Supper” at New York’s iconic Four Seasons…
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Still Feeling The Bern
Graphic Activist Still Feeling The Bern
CHRISOLUX’s images are creating a grass roots effort to write Bernie Sanders back on the 2016 presidential ballot…
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The Creative Group
Viceroy and Space Travel
Viceroy Democratizes Space Travel
Viceroy Creative has helped rebrand the Commercial Spaceflight Federation for the commercial spaceflight industry…
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Visual Language in the On-Demand Age
Visual Language in the On-Demand Age
Guest Blogger Lee Coomber discusses consumers navigating the world via symbols and other visual shortcuts…
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2016 Digital Print Cover Contest
Enter the 2016 Digital Print Cover Contest
Sponsored by Neenah - Deadline: August 26, 2016
In order to give designers an opportunity to learn more about digital printing and the papers that enhance digitally printed projects, the editors have organized the 2016 DIGITAL PRINT COVER CONTEST. It is presented by GDUSA and sponsored by Neenah. Neenah covers your entry fee to make it FREE for you to enter as many designs as you wish…
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Corsair Apartment Branding
Branding Hearkens Back To WWII Aircraft
Proverb has completed branding and marketing for the Corsair Apartments, a luxury apartment community…
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New Kind of Masculine Consumer
Beardwood&Co Defines New Consumer
Most nutrition stores in 2016 are still filled with brands that reflect outdated versions of masculinity…
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