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September 2016 Newsletter
In order, I hate and despise flying, crowded subways, going to the dentist, and flying. Did I mention flying? So I extra appreciate the work by Base Design, below, using solid graphic design principals to help de-stress the pre-flight experience at JFK Airport's insanely busy Terminal 4. It's a noble and notable effort, lacking only an onsite pharmacy to dispense sleeping pills or anti-anxieties for the actual flight.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism Rocks New York City
Opening November 4 at Industria Superstudio in New York City’s Meatpacking district, Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism is a comprehensive and immersive insight into the 50-year career of what has been called ‘The Greatest Rock ‘n’…
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JFK Airport Terminal
Design Makes Flying More Fun At JFK
John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4 sought out a new fun and friendly visual identity…
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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Reaches Beyond
For Seventh Generation’s feminine care line, the emphasis was the organic, additive-free nature of the products…
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Promote The Vote
OAAA and Partners + Napier Promote Vote
The OAAA, with Partners + Napier, has focused on voter registration in a timely and edgy public service campaign…
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Adobe MAX
Table Tennis
Brand Union Puts New Spin On Table Tennis
Brand Union Singapore was challenged to mastermind a completely fresh take on the sport of table tennis…
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Haircare Products
FormNation Styles Uberliss’ New Look
New York-based and European influenced design firm FormNation has rebranded haircare brand Uberliss…
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Is Your Digital Footprint Hurting Your Chances of Getting Hired?

What you say and do outside of work impacts your career pursuits. Yet some people still fail to realize how much their digital footprint matters. Here are some surprising things employers surveyed by The Creative Group have found when searching online for information about creative job candidates:

“A potential hire arguing on social media.”

“One candidate shared very negative comments regarding previous employers.”

“Too much personal information. I have seen an online resume that had the person’s date of birth, marital status and other things that were irrelevant and should not be disclosed.”

“Embarrassing party photos.”

“Unprofessional email addresses or screen names.”

Your digital footprint can influence whether or not you land a job. And even if you’re highly qualified, you may be deemed too risky to even bring in for an interview if your online image doesn’t align with your professional one. The upside is that you do have the power to make sure you’re portraying the skills and qualities that employers seek. Here are some tips on how to sell a version of yourself that will appeal to hiring managers and future colleagues.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.
The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in placing a range of highly skilled interactive, design and marketing professionals with a variety of firms. For more information, please visit Connect with TCG on Facebook and Twitter

LGBT Branding
The Evolution of LGBT Brand Marketing
Guest Blogpost by Adrián Enrique Novello looks at the buzz surrounding the pursuit of LGBT targeted advertising
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New Design Firm
New Firm Evolves From Within Colle+McVoy
10 Thousand Design is a new brand design firm that evolved within, and partners with, Colle+McVoy…
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2016 Digital Print Cover Contest
2016 American Inhouse Design Awards
Sponsored by TCG
The American Inhouse Design Awards is the premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers, marketing and communications departments within corporations, publishing houses, non-profits, universities and government agencies…
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Erickson Stock
Universal Studios Hollywood
New Visual Theme For Universal Studios
To commemorate a renovation, Struck of Salt Lake City UT updated the logo for the movie studio and theme park…
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New Stadium
St. Paul Saints Score New Stadium Branding
CHS Inc., a farmer-owned coop, recently secured naming rights to the St. Paul Saints’ baseball stadium…
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The Creative Group
Viceroy and Space Travel
Adding Humor To Hard Watermelon Design
Perspective: Branding was tasked with finding a distinctive look for Mike's new watermelon hard lemonade…
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BAM Campaign
BAM Gets Ginteresting For Brockmans Spirits
BMC (The Baiocco and Maldari Connection) has launched a provocative campaign for Brockmans Gin…
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Transitioning from Flash to HTML5
Transitioning from Flash to HTML5: Separating Fact From Fiction
In case you haven’t heard, Flash is dead. Done. No longer relevant. Google isn’t accepting new Flash ads any more and will stop displaying Flash ads entirely in early 2017. And, of course, Flash was never widely supported on mobile to begin with.
As Flash fades to the background, HTML5 has taken its place as the industry standard for digital ads, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. That said, there is a lot of confusion about what this actually means. How does switching from Flash to HTML5 impact the way you market your product? Do you have more options now, or fewer? Does this mean a more time-consuming and less efficient workflow?…
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