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Accept it or not, the last glass ceiling is about to break for women. I’m not referring to the American presidency, though that looks likely right now, but to the marketing of tequila and mezcal products that reject machismo and target the increasing number of women who imbibe. There's a thoughtful story about this change you can believe in, below, as well as several other package design projects of interest.
— Gordon Kaye, Editor
Progresso Packaging
Stripped-Backed Progresso Packaging Emphasizes Honesty
Progresso teamed with Hornall Anderson to redesign their brand and remind increasingly health conscious fans that there’s no substitute for real, quality ingredients and rich, full flavors. A new design displays the Progresso name and contents…
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Cider Scent
Simmered Cider Scent Just in Time for Fall
Thymes, creators of fragrances for bath and body and home, is introducing Simmered Cider for Fall 2017…
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Neenah Packaging
Be Kodak
Work-Order Lets Kodak Be Kodak
Reemerging as a more general consumer brand, Kodak has reinstated its iconic logo ‒ with a typographic/identity update…
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New Beer
Vice & Safari Sunday Tap Old Pub For New Beer
Vice Media and AB InBev have partnered to bring out Old Blue Last beer, paying tribute to The Old Blue Last pub…
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Emmy Winners
Mezcal Breaks Tradition By Appealing To Women
Traditionally, the spirits market in Mexico is primarily known as a male-dominated industry and market ‒ specifically for tequila and mezcal. What was once marketed with a machismo appeal is now seeing a growing influx of women customers and manufacturers…
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Chase Cleans
Chase Cleans Up The Swiffer Brand
As the Swiffer product line expanded, a distinctive look and impact was lost that was replaced by Chase Design Group…
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Dell Rebrand
Dell Rebrand Envisions New Day For Tech Giant
Brand Union, has partnered with Dell to craft a brand architecture across the tech giant’s corporate structure…
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2016 Health + Wellness Design Awards
2016 Health + Wellness Design Awards
Sponsored by Jim Erickson & Erickson Stock
GDUSA’s American Health + Wellness Design Awards™ honors outstanding graphic communication by this fast-growing and high-profile segment of the economy. The 2016 winners showcase features 100 projects encompassing health and wellness…
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Indiana Beer
Iconic Beer Revived With 1940’s Aesthetic
Young & Laramore and Upland Brewing Company have refreshed the position and packaging for Champagne Velvet…
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TP-Link Identity
New TP-Link Identity Features Arrow
TP-Link, a manufacturer and provider of networking devices and accessories, looking to expand its presence…
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Responsible Design
Responsible Design Matters No Matter What You Call It
Sponsored by Rolland Enterprises, Inc.
Several years ago, GDUSA began to spotlight the good works of design firms active in “green” design. Over time, a more holistic notion of “sustainability” arose that encompassed papers, products, services, and broader concerns such as energy and emissions…
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Gordon Kaye, Publisher
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