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December 2016 Newsletter
Ever make an unfunny or tasteless or otherwise inappropriate joke at work? Me neither. I wish. The Creative Group sets out a few guidelines (below) for balancing the desire to be amusing with the desire to retain your dignity. Not to mention your paycheck. The advice covers much of what you need to know but I would add one tip unique to 2016: no political humor until things calm down a bit. ‒ Gordon Kaye
ASICS Tiger Teams With Peckolick and Mau For New Identity
Legendary graphic designer Alan Peckolick has worked with ASICS to develop a new “ASICS Tiger” brand logo. The ASICS company markets sports and lifestyle shoes and apparel under three brands ‒ ASICS, Onitsuka Tiger, and ASICS Tiger.…
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MetLife Branding
Snoopy Sidelined In New MetLife Branding
MetLife has launched its new global brand platform under the tagline “MetLife. Navigating life together.” …
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WREN Advocacy
Multicolored Nest Symbolizes WREN
Alexander Isley Inc. has designed a comprehensive identity and communications program for WREN…
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Albright-Knox Website
Art Accessible in Albright-Knox Website
Bluecadet redesigned the website for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery to tell the history and ambitions of the institution…
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AIGA, IBM Partner to Promote Development
AIGA and IBM have struck a partnership to integrate leadership skills and design experience across AIGA’s activities…
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Van Gogh Vodka
Spirit of Expressionism in Van Gogh Vodka
Spring Design Partners redesigned the brand packaging for Van Gogh Vodka with a simple yet bold visual strategy…
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New Report Addresses the Translation Paradox For Designers
In today’s digitized and ultra-connected world, the need to be understood everywhere, by everyone, in every language, has never been greater. But the quest for universal legibility has presented a troubling paradox of being understood without sacrificing language…
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Lifestyle Blogger
Rebranding a Blogger For Bigger and Better
Amy Marietta, a lifestyle blogger, content developer and event organizer, was in search of a re-branding…
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Cheez Doodles
Cheez Doodles Package Emphasizes Taste
Cheez Doodles is expanding with new flavors, products ‒ complete refresh of its packaging by Perspective: Branding…
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Funny Stuff: Office Humor Tips

Office humor can boost spirits and improve your relationships with colleagues, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Here are five tips to safely flex your funny bone at work:

Go with your gut. Each of your colleagues likely has a different idea of what’s funny, which can create a dangerous gray area between amusing and offensive. If you think to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if I should say this?” that’s a clue you shouldn’t.

Don’t use humor to criticize. Using office humor as a vehicle to mock, vent or make a coworker look bad is no laughing matter. If you want to address a frustrating situation or offer a critique of a colleague’s work, be straightforward instead of sarcastic or passive-aggressive.

Poke fun at yourself. The safest target for a witty barb is you. Being able to laugh at your own quirks shows that you’re self-aware and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Watch what you write. Conveying your sense of humor with the written word isn’t always easy because recipients of your messages can’t see your face or hear the tone of your voice. Proceed with caution to avoid having your note fall flat or be misinterpreted

Don’t force office humor. If cracking one-liners doesn’t come naturally, use other ways to show your lighter side. Simply smiling and laughing along with jokes can demonstrate you have a good sense of humor.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Erickson Stock
Business Dream
Designer Finds Wedding Invitations a Dream
Here is the tale of Gina Peterson, a marketing designer looking for the perfect invitation…
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Passion for Print
Print Passion Remains in the Age of Social Media
The 53rd Annual Print Design Survey, sponsored by Verso Corporation, is about the choice and role of print…
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The Creative Group
American Package Design Awards
Enter GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards
Package, Label, P-O-P + Instore Design
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging

Graphic Design USA invites you to be recognized by its national design competitions for five decades. The goal is to focus attention on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design professionals and recognize the best work being done in those arenas…
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JAM paper
Submarine Experience
Visitors Dive Into Submarine Experience
It’s been 72 years since Germany’s deadly U-505 submarine was captured off the coast of Africa by the U.S. Navy…
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New-Business-Year Resolution
Make The Ultimate Business-Year Resolution
Corina Ludwig of FunctionFox has a free demo and holiday discounts on their web-based timesheet/management software…
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