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January 2017 Newsletter
Rarely – make that never – have we seen an emotional outpouring to a GDUSA news item like that generated by coverage of Shepard Fairey’s inaugural protest posters. (See below.) People love them, hate them, dissect them, no one is neutral. It is yet more evidence of the power of graphic design to move, touch, crystallize and communicate. It is also an indicator of how polarized our beautiful country is right now, and how maybe everyone should take a deep breath and remember that what unites us is still bigger than what divides us. — Gordon Kaye
Words to Live By From Top Designers
Every year for half a century, GDUSA has used the first magazine of the year to spotlight People To Watch. It’s our subjective selection of the newsmakers, influencers, leaders, talents and/or just plain intriguing individuals who will shine in the coming year…
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Shepard Fairey Designs Inauguration Posters
In response to the pending inauguration, Shepard Fairey has designed posters featuring the marginalized…
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More to Love in Alaska + Virgin Air Merger
More flights, more rewards, and more to love are promised by the recent merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America…
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Success With ‘Big W’ Social Media Campaign
Michael Courtney of Michael Courtney Design of Seattle WA on how to measure the success of any design project…
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Enter GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards Thru January 27
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Graphic Design USA invites you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by its national design competitions for five decades. The goal of these competitions is to focus on areas of growth and opportunity for design professionals…
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Lippincott Evolves Better Homes & Gardens
Since Better Homes & Gardens first debuted, the magazine brand has changed to a complex system…
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GDUSA Founder Milton Kaye (1921-2016)
Being an outsider can be clarifying. Milt saw truths about design and designers that insiders could not…
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Haviv Points Xerox Spinoff in Right Direction
Xerox’s business outsourcing arm, a 2010 acquisition called ACS, has now split off to become Conduent.…
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NOLS Peaks With New Look and Logo
NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School, has a new look from Magnifico Design and Wolf & Wilhelmine…
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Erickson Stock
5 Reasons to Build Your Professional Network Now

Think you don’t need a robust professional network? Think again. Networking can offer opportunities, camaraderie, business, friendship and reach. Here are five reasons why building a thriving, expansive professional network is crucial for your career:

  1. It pays off long term. Your professional network encompasses all the people you’ve worked with and known, and it will also connect you with important people you’ve yet to meet. Your network has the power to grow ‑ and take you with it.
  2. It makes you more valuable. Knowing good people who could become valuable clients, vendors, employees and freelancers is key. You’ll also be exposed to ideas and practices outside of your company and/or industry, which will make you a more effective contributor.
  3. It makes you more independent. Consistently devoting time to your network will give you far more options and resources. When the chips are down, you’ll find support and be less likely to feel needy, dependent or desperate.
  4. It helps you find (and leave) work. We often view networking as a way to “get” us something ‑ job offers, freelance assignments, new clients. And while a healthy network will bring business in, it also gives you a way out of where you are if you want it.
  5. No one really works alone. Anyone’s who achieved a thing worth having has done it with the help of someone else. In other words, no creative professional is above networking, and the fact is we will never not need each other.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.

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The Creative Group
Latina Moms Run The Household
It's worth understanding moms, who have a significant voice in the brands and products that enter the household…
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Siegel+Gale Brands Personal Finance Firm
Brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale has helped rebrand Credit Karma with a modernized visual identity…
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Countdown to Chicago:
Get Ready for 5 Days of Magic at HOW Design Live
What do Pentagram Partner Natasha Jen, 40 Days of Dating co-author Timothy Goodman, AIGA Gold Medalist Brian Collins and PepsiCo SVP and Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini all have in common? They’ll be keynote speakers at HOW Design Live May 2-6 in Chicago…
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