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March 2017 Newsletter
In our polarized political world, should companies and brands take positions on hot button political issues or wear their hearts more clearly on their sleeves? According to a recent Harris Poll on corporate reputation, consumers (especially millennials) want companies to take a stance. But the poll also indicates real risks in alienating the “other side” and/or in making your own company more vulnerable to claims of hypocrisy. It is hard to know how issue-specific marketers will get but – as our news items below about Brawny and about P&G indicate – you can see that more brands are trying to burnish their reputations by expressing values at least in the general feel-good sense. — Gordon Kaye
New Nickelodeon
New Nickelodeon Look Mixes Real Kids and Nick Characters
Nickelodeon has debuted a brand refresh of its on-air and online look and feel that delivers on the network’s mission to help make the world a more playful place…
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Tyson Rebrand
Tyson Rebrand Supports New Sustainability Model
Brand Union has rebranded Tyson after they announced their food brands would be going antibiotic-free…
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Academy Membership
And The Academy Membership Goes To…
In recent years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has seen a drop in member engagement…
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In Fashion
Paper Is In Fashion At The ADCD Show
The 13th Annual ADCD Paper Fashion Show™ features unique fashions created solely from paper…
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Erickson Stock
AIGA Award
AIGA Leadership Award To Bloomberg
The AIGA has named this year’s recipients of the AIGA Medal and Corporate Leadership Award…
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Air Canada
Maple Leaf Flies Again In New Air Canada Livery
Air Canada unveiled a new paint scheme for all 300 of its aircraft as well as new uniforms for its employees…
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Web Design Awards
Enter GDUSA’s 2017 American Web Design Awards
Entry Deadline: March 31, 2017
We invite you to enter GDUSA’s 2017 American Web Design Awards™, which annually showcases the power of design to enhance websites and online experiences.…
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Web Design
A New Era of Web Design Freedom
Guest Blogger Richard Yanowitch of Brandcast shows a broken web that needs freedom to democratize…
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Brawny Packaging
Brawny Packaging Replaces Iconic Man
A new Brawny® campaign supports Women’s History Month (March 2017), and features a woman…
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Northwestern School of Professional Studies
5 Things to Consider When Accepting a Job Offer
Take Five

Landing a job offer can be a major career accomplishment – and a big confidence booster. But is it really the right role and company for you? Here are five important factors to keep in mind when weighing the pros and cons of accepting a job offer.

  1. Company culture. Loose and collaborative or intense and competitive? Ask anyone you know who may have insider insights, check out company reviews online and use your own perceptions to decide if you’ll be a fit with the company’s culture.
  2. Financial standing. Salary is a key consideration, and accepting an offer you feel is too low can leave you feeling resentful at the start. Speaking of money, don’t forget to research the company’s financial performance, too.
  3. The space you’ll work in. You’re a creative professional; the office vibe matters. If possible, visit your specific work area and ask yourself how you feel in that space. Will it encourage you to be innovative and productive?
  4. Opportunities to grow and advance. When you have a job offer in hand, it’s vital to look ahead to the future. Does the company offer professional development options that match up with your big-picture career goals?
  5. Your gut instinct. Are you nervous but excited, or feeling a little underwhelmed and apprehensive? Your heart and your head are essential when it comes to your career, so be sure to consider both when deciding your next move.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.

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The Creative Group
Gender Equality
P&G Adopts Gender Equality Campaign
In connection with International Women’s Day, Procter & Gamble has launched the #WeSeeEqual digital campaign…
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Brand Disruption
Uber and Airbnb Prove Brand Disruption
Guest blogger Dak Dillon talks brand disruption, adaptation, leadership and shaking up the status quo…
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2017 GDUSA Student Design Awards
Entry Deadline: April 21, 2017
Enter the new GDUSA Student Design Awards™, dedicated to students and their design work. A new contest from GDUSA, who have been organizing prestigious and welcoming design competitions for 54 years…
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