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April 2017 Newsletter
A quick housekeeping note: Our American Inhouse Design Awards™, the original, the biggest and the premier competition for corporate, non-profit and institutional inhouse design departments remains open for entries through this coming Friday April 21. You can learn more or find a link to enter below. — Gordon Kaye
The Orwells Add Mystery To Their Latest Album Cover
With the release of their third album Terrible Human Beings, American rock band The Orwells were looking for an album cover that would tell a story. They turned to O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul to help them bring their lyrics and music to life…
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Keeping The Magic In Cannabis Marketing
Lola Lola aims to modernize the California cannabis industry by focusing on the creative and the magical…
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Gail Anderson at SVA Inhouse Studio
School of Visual Arts promoted Gail Anderson to Creative Director of the SVA’s inhouse design studio…
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Timberwolves Branding Reflects Twin Cities
The Minnesota Timberwolves recently unveiled a new team logo by RARE Design in an event at Target Center…
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Erickson Stock
AIGA President and Board Members Named
AIGA has appointed five new members to its 2017 national board of directors and named two ex officio directors…
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No Flat Graphics For High Tech Complex
National Development revamped the District Burlington, adding shopping, dining, and lifestyle options…
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GDUSA Inhouse Awards Open Thru Friday April 21
Deadline Extension!!! Next Friday April 21, 2017
Sponsored by The Creative Group, The American Inhouse Design Awards is the premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers…
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Pairing Grooming with Exotic Locations
A line of men’s natural bar soaps, body washes and lotions is coming, with branding and packaging by Kick.…
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Student Design Awards Open Until April 28
Entry Deadline: April 28, 2017
We invite you to enter the new GDUSA contest dedicated to students…
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Erickson Stock
5 Tips to Create a Better Brainstorming Session
Take Five

When it’s done right, there’s no better tactic than team brainstorming to boost creativity and generate winning ideas. But there’s an art to planning and running an effective brainstorming session. Here’s how managers can be proactive in preparing for their team’s creative-thinking huddles:

  1. Time it right. Choose a time when your team will be at the top of their creative game. Consider a morning gathering, as people will have fewer competing distractions and priorities that often arise during the day.
  2. Pick a spot. Do you want to shake employees out of their routines by meeting at a coffee shop or park? Or dedicate an area in the office that your staff will associate with idea generation? Either can be an effective strategy depending on the size and work style preferences of your team.
  3. Grease the wheels. Kick-start the process by asking participants to begin thinking about topics a few days before you meet. That way, people will come in fired up with ideas.
  4. Don’t edit. The purpose of brainstorming is simply that ‒ to generate as many relevant thoughts as possible. Let the team know that everything they throw out‒ no matter how crazy it sounds ‒ will be welcomed with open ears.
  5. Capture it all. Don’t rely on memory to recall what was discussed. Document every idea on a large easel pad or white board for later reference. After the meeting, compile all the notes and distribute them for follow-up.

For additional tips, visit the TCG Blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

The Creative Group
Infographics Tell Sustainability Story
Odgis + Company executed the design for the Vornado Realty Trust’s 2016 Sustainability Annual Report…
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Google Redesigns Its Sign-In Pages
Google has redesigned, and is preparing to roll out, a new look for its web service sign in pages including Gmail…
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2017 American Package Design Awards
Entry Deadline: April 21, 2017
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging, this showcase of work is testimony to the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.…
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Jam Paper
Creative and marketing teams come in different shapes and sizes. But how are the most innovative and successful ones structured to optimize their inhouse design? The Creative Group (TCG), sponsor of GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards, invites you to participate in a survey. The findings will be featured this summer.…
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