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Health + Wellness Contest
July 2017 Newsletter
In our community, people talk a lot about seeking work-life balance. And the increasing futility of finding balance in an era where your devices make you connected and reachable 24/7. Among the sensible advice provided by The Creative Group — see below — is to draw boundaries, to avoid constantly taking work home and, implicitly, to unplug once in a while.
— Gordon Kaye
The Diplomat Revives Mystique of A Bygone Era
The Diplomat, a venerable outpost on the South Florida coast, has been refreshed and relaunched with the help of the Korn Design team…
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Pentagram’s Bold Brand For City Point
Recently opened, City Point is the largest food, shopping and entertainment center of downtown Brooklyn…
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RISD Exhibition Graphics Are Adaptive
At the end of each spring semester, RISD hosts a Graduate Thesis Exhibition that presents fine art and design…
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X Marks The Spot For New IT Giant’s Logo
Formed by a merger of CSC and part of Hewlett Packard, the resultant company has new branding by Siegel+Gale.…
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Erickson Stock
Erickson Imagery Sheds Light on Aging
GDUSA’s Editor, Gordon Kaye, discusses Jim Erickson's uncanny ability to capture the humanity of seniors and aging…
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Danone Identity Signals Healthier Manifesto
Conran Design Group of London has redesigned Danone’s global brand identity to introduce this summer…
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5 Tips for Dealing with Stress at Work
Take Five

Looking to boost your career and your happiness? Finding effective ways to cope with on-the-job stress might be one of the most important skills you can cultivate. According to research from our parent company Robert Half and Happiness Works, creative and marketing professionals rank among the happiest of all workers surveyed. But every creative feels the pressure at some point. Here are five tips for dealing with stress at the office.

  1. Take a breather. Even if you work long hours, short breaks can offer big health benefits. Try setting an alarm to force yourself to get up from your desk. Go on a stroll, eat a healthy snack or chat with a coworker in the lunchroom.
  2. Practice mindfulness. Live (and work) in the moment. Mindfulness is about being actively attentive to your situation and your mental and physical responses to it. Adopt a few mindful approaches to help you remain calm and centered.
  3. Don’t skip vacation. Time off is needed to fully refresh and recalibrate your approach to the job. Make sure you completely disconnect to reap the full benefits – refrain from checking your email and focus on relaxing and recharging.
  4. Set some boundaries. Don’t constantly bring work home. If you feel pressure from your employer to be available 24/7, let your manager know that work-life balance is important to you and can help increase your creativity and productivity.
  5. Ask for help. If you’re toiling away and still feel buried in projects, don’t suffer in silence. Think of a few solutions to suggest to your manager, such as prioritizing projects or offloading some work to a freelancer.

For additional portfolio tips, visit the TCG Blog.

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The Creative Group
School Identity Steeped in Hmong Culture
Hmong College Prep Academy, a charter school for Hmong students, has a new UNO Branding identity…
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Wolff Olins Helps Makes Hive More Human
Following the UK launch of Hive, Wolff Olins is helping introduce the brand into North American markets…
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Academy of Art University
Adobe MAX
GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards
Enter the GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards
Early Bird 20% Discount Available To August 1
This annual competition honors outstanding design, advertising and marketing for traditional medicine and healthcare, for healthy and happy lifestyles, and for public health messaging. The contest is open thru mid-August but the 'Early Bird Discount' deadline is coming up soon in which can you automatically deduct 20% off any fees before submitting the entry forms…
Colle McVoy Dives In For USA Swimming
Working with USA Swimming, Colle McVoy has launched a new poster collection for summer to promote the sport…
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New SYFY Identity Recommits to Genre
Creative branding agency Loyalkaspar teamed with SYFY to create an updated visual identity for the network…
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Jam Paper
Enter GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards
Early Bird 20% Discount Available To August 1
GDUSA’s 54 year old flagship competition is open to everyone in the community: graphic designers, ad and marketing agencies, corporate and non-profit inhouse departments, and more. We honor outstanding work in dozens of categories across all media, culminating in a year end Design Annual in print, digital and online. The contest is open thru mid-September but the ‘Early Bird Discount’ deadline is coming up soon — new entrants can automatically deduct 20% off any fees and past winners are entitled to an automatic 30% discount…
Kevin Hall Design Marks 25th Anniversary
The recognized and award winning firm of Kevin Hall Design of Milford Connecticut is celebrating its 25th anniversary…
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Google News with New UI and Fact Checking
The redesigned desktop version of Google News updates the look, adds customizing options, and highlights fact checking…
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