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August 2017 Newsletter
In a new YouGov BrandIndex survey, millennials are embracing the sharing economy. Uber, Instagram, Lyft and Snapchat are the top four companies gaining millennial customers the fastest. But a couple of non-internet-related companies — Delta Airlines and Adidas — fought their way onto the top ten list. How'd they do that? Delta is connecting with targeted marketing initiatives such as creating a graffiti-ish wall (see below) in Brooklyn NY just right for taking selfies, and partnering with Tinder and Instagram for fun and prizes. As for Adidas, YouGov reports the athleisurewear has dropped television advertising completely in favor of digital and mobile, to better reach the millennial demographic. And, yes, athleisurewear is a word.
— Gordon Kaye
LIFEWTR Packaging Series
LIFEWTR Packaging Series Features Female Artists
The Pepsi-owned company LIFEWTR is celebrating women in the arts, using their packaging as a canvas for “bold and abstract designs from all female artists.”
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Beauty Brand Birchbox
Siegel+Gales Freshens Birchbox Brand
A startup pioneer online cosmetics retailer, Birchbox finds itself in an increasingly crowded space…
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ASICS Brand Energized By Bruce Mau Design
Bruce Mau Design (BMD) recently worked with ASICS to find new ways to express the brand’s core elements…
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Wall Theme
Delta and W+K Build On Wall Theme
Delta Airlines is using a wall in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY to depict airport codes…
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Erickson Stock
Minnesota Opera
Kick Looks At Minnesota Opera From New Angles
With a history of supporting the arts, Kick partnered with Minnesota Opera on their rebrand initiative…
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Type Icon Alan Peckolick 1940-2017
Legendary typographic and logo designer Alan Peckolick who “makes type talk” has died at age 76…
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Unhappy at Work? 5 Ways to Turn Things Around
Take Five

Do you find yourself frustrated or bored at work? It could be a sign that the “honeymoon phase” of your new job has ended. After surveying more than 12,000 U.S. and Canadian workers, our parent company Robert Half and Happiness Works found that during an employee’s first year, he or she is happiest and least stressed. But then, somewhere in the 12- to 24- month range, workers become less happy, less interested in their work and more stressed. Read on for five questions to ask yourself to re-engage and relax while building your career with a company.

  1. Are you passionate about your work? One way to improve your mood is to find meaning in your everyday assignments. Take a moment to think about how a project or design will positively affect the lives of others.
  2. Have you mixed up your routine? Starting a new job is exciting, but after a year, you may feel like you don’t have anything to look forward to. Consider trying a different lunch spot or telecommuting occasionally to change up your day and inspire creativity.
  3. Are you social in the office? The research also shows that professionals who have good relationships with their colleagues are 2.5 times more likely to be happy at work than those who don’t. Ask a coworker to grab coffee or attend the next team social activity.
  4. Do you want to work on something new? Proactively create a list of existing projects you’d like to lend a hand and other initiatives you want to spearhead. Your manager will likely be impressed with your desire to take on new responsibilities and be more inclined to give you engaging assignments.
  5. Is it time to ask for a raise? If your list of responsibilities has grown since you accepted the job offer – but your salary has not – passing the first-year mark is a good opportunity to ask for a raise. Start by researching salary information for positions in your area.

For additional portfolio tips, visit the TCG Blog.

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Sea Salt Branding
Sea Salt Branding Respects The Elements
Safari Sundays has rebranded Amagansett Sea Salt, including story, messaging, logo & packaging…
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IdeaWork Asks What Would Darcy Do?
IdeaWork Studios has branded the identity for The Darcy Hotel, creating the persona behind The Darcy…
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Adobe MAX
Entry Deadline: Friday September 22
Sponsored by Verso Corporation and Adobe Stock

The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by this national design competition for five decades. The competition is open to everyone in the community…
Aetna Reposition
Two Typefaces Help Aetna Reposition
WPP global brand agency Brand Union, has reimagined a new visual identity for healthcare giant Aetna…
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No Beginning, Middle or End in SVA Book
Scott Buschkuhl of Hinterland recently conceived and designed a book for The School of Visual Arts…
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Academy of Art University
Albanian Alphabet
MICA MFA Student Discovers Lost Alphabet
The recent masters thesis by Edon Muhaxheri has led to the discovery of a long lost Albanian alphabet…
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Indiana Pacers
Farmland Inspires Pacers’ New Uniforms
The Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association have unveiled new uniforms, logo and court graphics…
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