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American Graphic Design Contest
September 2017 Newsletter
Quote of the month: “We want our advertising to be seen by real people.” Wonderfully understated comment by a Procter & Gamble spokesperson explaining why P&G cut $100 million dollars from its digital advertising budget by dropping sites heavy on bots and light on relevant content. — Gordon Kaye
Pantone Honors Prince
Pantone Honors Prince With Custom Purple Shade
The Prince Estate and the Pantone Color Institute™ have created a standardized custom color to represent and honor international icon, Prince…
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Branding By Pentagram
Cannabis Concentrates Branding By Pentagram
Harmony Extracts, a cannabis concentrate company, tapped Pentagram to design its brand identity and packaging…
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Opioid Crisis
Designer Campaign Fights Opioid Crisis
“What Heroin Sounds Like,” is an awareness project by Adam DelMarcelle, an MFA student at VCFA…
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Music Festival Identity
Nature Inspires Music Festival Identity
The Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival is a visual arts extravaganza full of artists and performers…
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Erickson Stock
The Creative Group
Baseman Exhibition
Baseman Exhibit Mixes Rebuses and Letterpress
Baseman Design Associates’ new letterpress shop BasePress is exhibiting at Penn State University…
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Wolff Olins
Wolff Olins Appoints First Female CEO
Wolff Olins has appointed Sairah Ashman as CEO, the first female head of the creative consultancy…
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Entry Deadline: Friday September 22
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The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by this national design competition for five decades. The competition is open to everyone in the community…
Exhibition At MODA
Millman Curates Text Me Exhibition at MODA
Museum of Design Atlanta hosts Text Me: How We Live in Language from September 17 ‑ February 4…
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Music Festival Identity
Severs New Chief Design Officer at Droga5
Jason Severs has joined Droga5’s New York headquarters as Chief Design Officer, a new role at the agency…
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Adobe MAX
The Art of Writing Job Descriptions for Creative Positions
Take Five

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to job descriptions, from the overly casual to the dense, dry and daunting. Ideally, there’s a balance – one that is both informative and inspiring. Remember, if the creative job you’re describing doesn’t intrigue, you won’t likely get the type of applicants you’re seeking. Here are five tips to keep in mind when writing a creative job description:

  1. Think of it as a blueprint. If you put time and thought into writing a job description, the rest of the hiring process should move along more easily. Be sure to include key elements, such as a summary of the position and required skills.
  2. Update, update, update. As technology evolves and the lines between creative and technology roles continue to blur, some job descriptions may need to be updated more frequently. Consider the current competencies required, based on your company’s immediate needs and long-term objectives.
  3. Get your priorities in order. Don’t scare off a potential top candidate by overdoing the “must-haves.” A laundry list of duties gives little insight into what is most important. Focus on five or six crucial responsibilities of the position instead.
  4. Don’t hunt for unicorns. You may want a rock-star-of-all-trades, but settling only for this will hold you back. Make sure your job description is realistic for the role, or else you could greatly limit your pool of qualified applicants.
  5. Be you. Show some personality! While you want to use clear and concise language, you should also give applicants a sense of your company’s culture and what makes it unique.

For additional tips, check out our Definitive Guide to Hiring Top Creative Talent.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Academy of Art University
New YouTube Logo
New YouTube Logo For A Multi-Screen World
YouTube introduced major redesigns to both its mobile and desktop platforms’ UX and overall user experience…
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OCD Website
Website Design Won’t Sugar-Coat Disorder
Ready Set Rocket was tasked with IntrusiveThoughts, a website for those living with OCD…
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Jam Paper
Ancora Clearwater
RE/MAX Floats Refreshed Brand
RE/MAX, the real estate network, has refreshed its brand, including the familiar balloon logo and wordmark…
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Alibaba To Lead Olympics
Alibaba To Lead Olympics’ Digital Age
Alibaba Group and the International Olympic Committee have unveiled new branding for their partnership…
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