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October 2017 Newsletter
So often, maybe too often, we focus on print and online graphic design to the detriment of environmental graphics. Today’s GDUSA enewsletter includes two projects, one in Boston and one in NYC, that remind us of the power of graphic design to enhance public spaces and, in so doing, bring people together. — Gordon Kaye
Urban Park
Urban Park and Wayfinding Link Boston Neighborhoods
Underground is a new urban park situated beneath an I-93 expressway overpass between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighborhoods…
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Dropbox Redesign
COLLINS’ Inspired Dropbox Redesign
Dropbox has unveiled a brand redesign that focuses on bright colors, with new logo design, illustrations, and font…
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Build Your Dream Design Career With Skillshare
Build Your Dream Design Career with Skillshare
As a GDUSA reader you have GDUSA as your source for graphic design news, but where can you go to learn cutting edge graphic design techniques? Enter Skillshare. Skillshare is basically Netflix for online learning. For an affordable $8.25 per month, you can get access to thousands of classes on things like logo design, web typography, and t-shirt design, taught by legends of the design world like Aaron Draplin, Yuko Shimizu, and Jason Santa Maria. Whether you’re looking to gain professional design skills, want to unlock your creative potential, or are just learning for learning’s sake, we've got you covered. With over 3 million members and more than 17,000 classes, Skillshare is offering the first 500 GDUSA readers 2 free months to try them out.
72andSunny Celebrates
72andSunny Celebrates LA’s Creative Spirit
A new campaign is celebrating the creative spirit of Los Angeles and promoting its local industry…
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German Design
Germany’s Contribution to Graphic Design
Jens Muller’s Pioneers of German Graphic Design explores the early origins of design concepts still considered innovative…
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Erickson Stock
The Creative Group
Union Square Partnership
C&G Partners Brand A Neighborhood
Union Square Partnership in Manhattan first hired C&G Partners in 2015 to rebrand the organization…
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Letters Bleed Into Each Other In New ACLU Logo
The ACLU has a new identity by New York-based design studio Open, including a logo by Tobias Frere-Jones…
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Pentagram Associates
Two New Pentagram NYC Associates Named
Jeff Close (L) and Rory Simms (R) are two new associates in Pentagram New York, working under Paula Scher…
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Grand Rapids Men
A New Chapter For Grand Rapids’ Men
The Guiding Light of Grand Rapids focuses on job placement and housing for men who are clean and sober…
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Adobe MAX
Negotiating Salary: A Guide for Hiring Managers
Take Five

Locating the talent you need for your team is no easy feat ‒ and paying competitively is crucial to landing your top picks. Follow these steps so you’re fully prepared to negotiate salary with creative candidates.

  1. Do your research. Establish a pay range for the position before you start recruiting. Know the market value of the role you’re hiring for, factoring in years of experience, location and current demand for the skills required. Review resources like The Creative Group 2018 Salary Guide for salary information on more than 80 creative positions.
  2. Offer non-cash compensation. Don’t get stumped if you can’t match a candidate’s salary request. A positive company culture, perks and professional development opportunities can be just as compelling as a bump in starting compensation.
  3. Know your cap. Consider the existing pay levels for similar positions in your company. If you agree to a higher salary to win over a stellar candidate, you risk lowering morale or even losing current staff if they find out a new hire is making more money than they are.
  4. Get it in writing. Once you and a job candidate settle on a salary, benefits and a start date, have the person sign an offer letter to confirm agreement to the terms. If you’re making an offer contingent upon reference or background checks, make sure the letter says so.
  5. Build anticipation. In the two to three weeks between acceptance and start date, a lot can happen. The more you stay connected through regular communication, the more excited and confident the new hire will be about working for your organization.

For additional tips, check out our Definitive Guide to Hiring Top Creative Talent.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Academy of Art University
Kelli Anderson
Kelli Anderson’s Pop-Up Book, Inspiration
We talk to Kelli about her work, her MAX session, her unique and delightful book, This Book is a Planetarium…
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Harley-Davidson Posters Promote Online Series
Harley-Davidson invites viewers to tag along on a journey across Canada with an international group of riders…
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Jam Paper
Kelli Anderson
REACH Conference Focuses On Leadership
Successful creatives are leaders, and at REACH you’ll hear from leading thinkers on the topics of leadership…
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2017 Health + Wellness Design Awards
2017 Health + Wellness Design Awards
Sponsored by Erickson Stock, the 2017 winners showcase the big picture of health and wellness…
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