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Perfect Winter Story
December 2017 Newsletter
Sad to hear that our venerable frenemies, PRINT and HOW magazines, will no longer publish in print. They join countless other graphics magazine that are gone but not forgotten. Remember Art Direction, Flash, Graphics Today, Art Product News, CMYK, I.D., STEP, Graphis, Graphic Arts Monthly, Critique, Create, Graphics & Design, Publish, American Printer, and more. We still believe in the special power of print to touch, connect and communicate, and GDUSA continues on in print as well as online and in digital formats. It helps that we are small, agile, family-owned and love what we do. In our office, the mantra has long been “last magazine standing” but I feel no pleasure in seeing our fierce — but always respected — competitors take a different direction. – Gordon Kaye
2018 Pantone Color of Year Is A Mystical Ultra Violet
The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838), described as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade [that] communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.” …
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Pioneer Designer Ivan Chermayeff Dies at 85
Ivan Chermayeff, who helped shape the modern profession of identity, branding and graphic design has died…
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Perfect Winter Story
Partnering Designers with Non-Profits
AMPL!FY is a public initiative that partners an artist or designer with a social justice non-profit organization…
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Bucher Brings Alphabet to Playful Life
Stefan Bucher has made LetterHeads, a creative book where the letters come to life as characters…
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The Creative Group
Shave 40% Off
How To Wrap Up The Old Year and Start The New Year Right
How To Wrap Up The Old Year and Start The New Year Right
In a guest blogpost, President of FunctionFox Corina Ludwig looks at how to wrap up the old year and start the new one right with a free demo and deep holiday discounts on North America’s number one ranked web-based timesheet and project management software. The end of the year is a time to reflect on the past 12 months, to tie up loose ends, and to set yourself up for a successful, profitable New Year. The goal? Find more billable hours, improve workflow, and free more time to Stay Creative.…
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10 Great Design Quotes To Live By
Inspirational quotes from Glaser, Scher, Eames, Vignelli, Rand, Vrontikis, Kalman, Warhol, Bass…
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Napa Valley Destination Hosts Modern Rebrand
Korn re-introduced The Estate with a visual identity that captures individuality and identity…
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Erickson Stock
How to Answer Tough Interview Questions
Take Five

Job interviews can be challenging, nerve-wracking experiences. Preparation is key. The Creative Group surveyed more than 400 advertising and marketing executives about the toughest questions they ask job candidates. Here’s some advice on tackling five tricky interview questions and answers to impress the hiring manager:

  1. “Please give me a 60-second sales pitch about yourself.” The employer is trying to gauge your ability to package information and sell yourself (and your ideas) succinctly. Develop a sound bite that details your most relevant skills and accomplishments. This career bio will come in handy at networking events, too.
  2. “Why do you want to work here?” Enter the interview armed with in-depth knowledge about the employer. Review the company’s website, marketing materials and social media to better understand its mission, history, reputation and workplace culture. Use this research to explain what draws you to the company.
  3. “Can you describe a frustrating workplace situation you faced and how you solved it?” Devote more time to discussing the solution you devised than the problem. Share an anecdote that positions you as a positive-minded problem solver who finds creative ways to deal with challenging projects and people.
  4. “Why are you leaving your current position?” Simply mention that you’re looking for a new challenge and reiterate what appeals to you about the role you’re seeking. Don’t speak negatively the one you have. In short, make it clear you’re chasing a great creative job, not running away from a bad one.
  5. “What is your biggest weakness?” Avoid trying to transform a positive trait into a negative one, like “I’m a perfectionist” or “I care too much about work.” Instead, mention an actual trouble spot, but immediately follow up with details about the steps you’ve taken — or are taking — to overcome the weakness.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

Wieden + Kennedy Drives Formula 1 Logo
Wieden + Kennedy was asked to develop a new logo for the leading single-seat auto racing competition in the world…
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Maschmeyer Serves Up Chobani Identity
Chobani Greek yogurt is the stuff of myths: started by Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani has risen…
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Jam Paper
Enter GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Entry Deadline: January 19, 2018

The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by its national design competitions for five decades. The goal of these competitions is to focus attention on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design professionals, to recognize the best work being done in those arenas, and to emphasize the value that graphic design brings to business and society.…
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Young & Rubicam Forges New Navy Identity
The Army-Navy helps launch a Navy branding campaign targeting the current generation of recruits…
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