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GDUSA’s Package Design Enewsletter
Our biggest (and best) American Package Design Awards™ showcase is live online and out in print; a special thanks to Neenah Packaging for its exclusive sponsorship and notable expertise. And though it still feels a bit like Winter, our 2018 Spring contests are near their end. Learn more or enter GDUSA’s Inhouse Design Awards as well as our popular Web Design Awards below. — Gordon Kaye
Carpenter Collective
Carpenter Collective Brews Rich Blue Packaging
As PT’s Coffee celebrated their 25th anniversary, the Topeka KS-based roasting company owners approached Carpenter Collective for a new identity…
Harvey Brings Tessamae
Bringing Tessamae’s Condiments to the Table
Tessamae’s Fresh Food Company turned to Harvey, a brand activation agency, to help its condiments product line…
Neenah Packaging
2018 American Package Design Awards
2018 American Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Makers, sellers and marketers are challenged as never before to convey the message, promote the brand, close the deal. Think fragmented audiences, information overload, media clutter, global competition, economic dislocation, changing practices and preferences. Package design is increasingly a difference maker…
LRXD Packaging for Sugar Substitute
LRXD has created packaging for Sola, a sugar substitute being introduced in a low-carb/low-sugar line of products…
Japanese Cola
Pepsi Rolls Out Wave of Japanese Cola
J-Cola, a major new release from PepsiCo and Japanese partner Suntory, is out exclusively for the Japanese market…
2018 American Web Design Awards
Spring is here and it’s time to shine…
Take your pick… GDUSA’s American Web Design Awards (Our annual showcase of the power of design in online communications) or GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards (The premier showcase for inhouse designers and their departments)…
Harris Poll
Poll Shows Backlash Against Tech Brands
The Harris Poll Reputational Quotient study suggests a growing backlash against some technology giants…
>Notable New Books
Notable Books by and for Graphic Designers
Books by Siegler, Oldham, Radom, Bierut, Poulin, Ames, Rothstein, Bantjes, Walde, & the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook…
Erickson Stock
Landor Brings Bayer Cross into Digital Era
“People from all over the world have been placing their trust in Bayer for more than 150 years.”
>Notable New Books
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