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GDUSA’s Package Design Enewsletter
Born of a graphic design magazine, this enewsletter tends to focus on packaging graphics rather than structure. Chobani’s introduction of a squeeze tube – both practical and incredibly effective at communicating a ’new’ use for yogurt – is a reminder of how graphics and structure can work together to create package design that tells the essence of product story and the truth of a brand. — Gordon Kaye
Chobani Tube Turns Yogurt Into a Condiment
Chobani Tube Turns Yogurt Into a Condiment
Chobani has added Chobani Savors to its product line. Packaged in a squeezable tube, similar to ketchup, the yogurt is essentially turned into a condiment…
Brewery Brand Taps Neighborhood Grocery Legacy
Brewery Brand Taps Local Grocery Legacy
Sally Morrow Creative has helped launch a beer brand in the SE Buckman neighborhood of Portland OR…
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The Awakening of a Bourbon With a Past
The Awakening of a Bourbon With a Past
Known as “The Wise Man’s Bourbon,” Kentucky Owl was one of Kentucky’s original bourbon brands, with roots hailing back to the pre-prohibition era…
Kick Makes On-the-Go Soup Look Good
Kick Makes On-the-Go Soup Look Good
Kick has rebranded Spoon Optional with an emphasis on transparency for the millennial mom audience…
Vegan and Organic Cereals
New Signature for Vegan and Organic Cereals
Kellogg’s has a new line of vegan and organic cereals rolling out now in Europe under the “W.K. Kellogg” brand…
Health+Wellness Design Awards
Final Week - Health + Wellness Design Awards
Deadline: August 24, 2018
Sponsored by Erickson Stock

Health and wellness is the fast-growing part of the economy and this competition encompasses the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries, health/fitness, organic and natural products, life/work balance, meditative and spiritual arts, and public health awareness. Get recognized by clients, prospects and the design community…
Putting The Sun Back In MillerCoors
Putting The Sun Back In MillerCoors’ Sol
MillerCoors relaunched the Mexican import brand Sol, partnering with Soulsight for more vibrance…
2018 American Package Design Awards
2018 American Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Makers, sellers and marketers are challenged as never before to convey the message, promote the brand, close the deal. The outstanding work showcased here is testimony to this phenomenon. Our annual competition celebrates attractive graphics and the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.…
Watermark Illustrates Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem
Watermark Illustrates Bay Ecosystem
Watermark Design redesigned Chesapeake Bay-adjacent Ingleside Vineyards’ Chesapeake Series…
Adobe MAX
American Graphic Design Awards
Enter GDUSA’s 55th American Graphic Design Awards™
Sponsored by Verso Corporation and Adobe Stock
Early Bird Date: Friday 8/24/18 (20% Discount)
Regular Entry Deadline: Friday 9/28/18
The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized in this national competition…
Kraft Heinz Expands Environmental Commitments
Kraft Heinz Expands Environmental Action
The Kraft Heinz Company announced the expansion of its environmental stewardship strategy…
Adobe MAX
Innovative Card Packaging from Burgopak
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