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GDUSA’s Package Design Enewsletter
When GDUSA was conceived in the 1960’s, Chicago graphic design was especially vibrant and muscular. Chicagoans embraced GDUSA more warmly than the effete snobs then ruling the roost in Manhattan. And the corporate identity and package design being produced in Chicago had a unique energy, freshness, and openness, exemplified by Ralph Eckerstrom at Unimark, Walter Paepke at CCA, Art Paul of Playboy and Robert Vogele of RVI. But none captured the spirit better than the husband and wife team of Mort and Millie Goldsholl. Thus, my continued fondness for big shouldered Chicago and my pitch for you to see, or at least read about, a new exhibition of trailblazing work by Goldsholl Associates during their heyday. — Gordon Kaye
Haagen-Dazs Embraces Scandanavian Simplicity
Haagen-Dazs Embraces Scandanavian Simplicity
Design studio Love mined Haagen-Dazs’ roots to link today’s consumers with its history: an American emigre turned entrepreneur’s obsession with quality and elegance…
Perdue Packaging Ahead of the Flock
Perdue Packaging Ahead of the Flock
Perdue tasked Enlisted Design for packaging to reflect the brand’s animal care efforts and all-natural products…
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Superfoods plus Science Create Ultimate Beauty Package
Superfoods + Science Combine to Create the Ultimate Package of Natural Beauty
Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes are inspired by clean aesthetics and care for body and skin. These passions inspire Youth To The People, a vegan beauty skincare line…
Kick Makes On-the-Go Soup Look Good
Metallica Song Inspires Infused Whiskey
Jones Knowles Ritchie branded Blackened — a new whiskey by Dave Pickerell and iconic heavy metal band Metallica…
Chase Design Group Puts New Spin On RTD Gin Category
Chase Design Group Puts New Spin on RTD Gin
A ready-to-drink gin by Labatt Food Service needed branding that would appeal to a new generation…
Enter Our 55th Anniversary GDUSA Graphic Design Awards
Final Week To Enter GDUSA’s Graphic Design Awards
Sponsored by Verso Corporation and Adobe Stock
Entry Deadline: Friday September 28
The American Graphic Design Awards™ is GDUSA’s flagship competition and our 55th Anniversary edition. It is open and welcoming to the entire creative community. Every individual, every design firm, every agency, every business, every institution, every kind of project in any and all media…
Jean-Pierre Lacroix is Passionate About Design
Jean-Pierre Lacroix’s Passion for Design
Desire by Design is the new book from the author of The Business of Design and of Belonging Experiences…
Trailblazing Goldsholl Design Firm On Exhibit In Chicago
Trailblazer Goldsholl on Exhibit in Chicago
Goldsholl Design Associates introduced the principles of Bauhaus design to the American public…
Adobe MAX
2018 American Package Design Awards
2018 American Package Design Award Winners
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Makers, sellers and marketers are challenged as never before to convey the message, promote the brand, close the deal. The outstanding work showcased here is testimony to this phenomenon. Our annual competition celebrates attractive graphics and the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.…
Innovative Card Packaging from Burgopak
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