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October 2018 Newsletter
Our October print and digital editions feature the annual Health+Wellness Design showcase, a look at how smart designers are helping advance personal and public health, and our annual Responsible Designers To Watch roundup, a profile of people designing for good as they see it. A thought-provoking quote from Jessica Teal, who graces the October cover: “Today there is a lot more noise that you have to break through on social media, email and other communication platforms. More noise requires more time and more effort to affect real change. Changing someone's heart and mind is a long-term play.” — GK
Taking The Dunkin’ Brand Beyond Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts has revealed its new identity signaling the start of a journey that will see the brand recognized simply as Dunkin’ beginning in 2019…
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Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers Changes Name
Weight Watchers is dropping the “Weight Watchers” name that has been part of the popular culture for 65 years…
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A Masters Degree for Design Thinkers
Mailchimp Identity
Going Bananas Over Mailchimp Identity
Mailchimp invited strategy and brand experience design company COLLINS to help evolve their brand…
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Starfish Builds Bridge to Now for ADL
In the sensitive political environment, the ADL recognized that their 100+ year old brand needed to be rethought…
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Erickson Stock
5 Essential Elements of a Great Job Description

Take FiveTrying to compete for top talent in a tough hiring market? Knowing how to create a job description that’s well-designed will not only help you find the right candidates during the search process but also set the stage for a new employee’s success. And if you’re copying and pasting the same job description over and over again into postings, you probably won’t attract the candidates you’re looking for. Here are five key things you need to cover:

  1. Job title (and job code number, if applicable) — Be specific here. Creative titles like Jedi, wizard and rock star might sound catchy and appealing to candidates, but they’re vague. You want to choose a title that job seekers are searching for and will understand.
  2. The opening hook — Writing a powerful opening connects with your audience and generates excitement about the position’s possibilities. It’ll also work to encourage potential candidates to read the rest of your job ad.
  3. Organization and culture — Tell job seekers about your company. To attract the best candidates, you’ll want to pique their interest in the organization. Promote the company’s strengths, lay out its mission, and paint a picture of the corporate culture and what it’s truly like to work there.
  4. Summary of the position — This is the heart of the job description. In a few sentences, give the job’s broadest responsibility, function or priority within the organization. Be as clear as possible, so the candidate understands the job’s responsibilities and the criteria for success.
  5. Key duties and responsibilities — This narrows down the primary responsibility mentioned in the summary section. Help candidates envision themselves already in the role by giving them an estimated percentage of time to be spent on each duty and how often each is performed.

Learn about the other essential elements of a job description, like compensation and qualifications, and other hiring best practices on The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

The Creative Group
DuPont Oval
Lippincott Modifies Old DuPont Oval
DowDuPont (Dow Chemicals merged with DuPont) has a new company for specialty products like Kevlar and Tyvek…
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Sibling Rivalry Opens CBS’ Digital Eye
CBS collaborated with Sibling Rivalry on a new identity highlighting the content of each individual show…
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Art Resource
2018 Health + Wellness Design Award Winners
Sponsored by Erickson Stock
GDUSA’s American Health + Wellness Design Awards™ honors outstanding graphic communication by this high-profile segment of the economy. The 2018 winners showcase features 100 projects encompassing the big picture of health and wellness: traditional medicine and healthcare; holistic and alternative healing; healthy lifestyles and nutrition; and the aging of our society.…
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Jam Paper
Odgis Puts Viewer in Law Firm’s Boardroom
Odgis + Company made Shearman & Sterling’s 2018 Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation Survey…
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Digital Edition
Subscribe To GDUSA’s Digital Edition
GDUSA brings you the latest design news from across the US via Issuu. Check it out on your mobile device…
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Academy of Art University
Responsible Designers
Responsible Designers to Watch
Sponsored by Domtar
As a complement to our perennial and popular special reports — “People To Watch” (newsworthy creatives) and “Students To Watch” (rising graduates of note) and “Educators To Watch” (influential teachers) — we have added an annual “Responsible Designers To Watch” to the editorial mix…
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