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Two quick housekeeping notes: Our 56th anniversary GDUSA Package Design Awards is open for entries for just a few more days, through this Friday January 25. And our new podcast series is a big hit and rightfully so. More on both below. — Gordon Kaye
Skincare Start-Up and Studio More Go UpCircle
Skincare Start-Up and Studio More Go UpCircle
Optiat rebranded with Studio More and Reed Words, who considered the company’s focus on sustainability and promoting a circular economy for the new name: UpCircle.…
Mastercard Drops Name From Brand Mark
Mastercard Drops Name from Brand Mark
Mastercard’s red and yellow interlocking circles are on their own in contexts like acceptance marks at retailers…
Neenah Packaging
Skunk Factory
Sweet Packaging For A Street-Savvy Cannabis Brand
Skunk Factory’s mission is to provide a line of handcrafted, all-natural products tailored to a specific demographic of cannabis consumers: those who live life unapologetically and place value on diversity and inclusion…
Pepsi Unveils A New Global Tagline
Pepsi has unveiled a new marketing platform and tagline across its trademark: “For the love of it.” …
From Brigade Canvases to Cannabis Packages
From Brigade Canvases to Cannabis Packages
BRIGADE worked with the INSA team for branding and packaging to stand out in a rapidly developing industry.…
American Package Design Awards Now Open for Entries
American Package Design Awards Now Open for Entries
Package, Label, P-O-P, Signs + The Whole Shopping Experience
Deadline: January 25, 2019
The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by its national design competitions for five decades…
Bring Back Beauty
Sagmeister & Walsh Want Beauty Back
According to Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh beauty is too often not a guiding principle for designers…
Parks Coffee
The Brand Hatchery Brews A Fresh Look
Parks Coffee turned to The Brand Hatchery to help develop their new Parks Coffee brand identity system…
Living Coral Is Pantone Color of Year
The GDUSA Podcast #1: Scott Starrett of Tandem
Scott Starrett is co-founder and creative director at Tandem in New York City. Using graphic design to advocate for social and political change, Scott’s work was instrumental in the surprising election to Congress of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…
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