GDUSA February 2019 Newsletter
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February 2019 Newsletter
The response to our current People To Watch and Students To Watch features is exciting … print editions flying out of here and 30,000 website page views in the first 48 hours … similarly with our new podcast series … I think it’s because our message and its subtext are optimistic. We talk to real people building careers, balancing real work-life challenges, contemplating meaningful lives. Away from the hair-on-fire media and social media, it turns out that people are good at telling their stories, reflecting on experiences, reaffirming values, sharing their essential humanity. It’s a positive reality check: we are better than the crap fed to us by politicians, the media, the data thieves and other scum who would divide and sort us. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
Lippincott Pilots Aer Lingus Brand Refresh
Lippincott Pilots Aer Lingus Brand Refresh
Lippincott Pilots Aer Lingus Brand Refresh Aer Lingus has unveiled a refreshed brand that includes an updated logo and new aircraft livery. The refresh is part of an ambitious growth plan to increase its North Atlantic fleet from 17 to 30 aircraft by 2023…
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Ad Inserts Printed On LSD Blotter Paper
Ad Inserts Printed On LSD Blotter Paper
Ad inserts for Revive Kombucha in San Francisco are printed on LSD blotter paper (LSD not included)…
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GDUSA Names 2019 People to Watch
GDUSA Names 2019 People to Watch
GDUSA starts each year by choosing a group of People To Watch who embody the spirit of the creative community. Individuals we have come to know and respect for their talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service…
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Erickson Stock
RockEDU Science Outreach
C&G Partners Makes Cool Science Connection
Rockefeller’s RockEDU Science Outreach was established in 1992 to connect high-schoolers to mentors…
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Daring Sauce Solution From EBD and Louise Fili
Daring Sauce From EBD and Louise Fili
Sauces from Spinelli’s Sauce Co. can be found across Colorado, but products need to also tell a story…
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Jam Paper
Art Resource
5 Tips for Running a Successful Creative Meeting

Take FiveMany of today’s creative professionals face an interesting dilemma, according to The Creative Group’s Creative Workplace research. In the survey, creative professionals revealed they’d like to work from home more frequently but, at the same time, prefer to communicate with their teammates during in-person meetings. So how can creative teams work and collaborate effectively? Here are 5 tips for running a successful creative meeting – either in person or virtually.

  1. Establish a clear purpose. Before scheduling, determine why you need to get together in the first place. Is it to brainstorm, make a critical group decision or discuss a new strategy? Identifying the need can reveal if you actually need to host a meeting or if the task can be handled via email or a chat tool.
  2. Sort the logistics. So you’ve decided a meeting is in order. Now you should think about the amount of time you need and the right people to invite, as well as the format. Does it need to be an in-person meeting (give your remote employees notice!) or can it be a phone or video call?
  3. Prep for the discussion. Check your technology to avoid technical hiccups, reserve your space or provide participants with the connection information, and create and circulate an agenda and supporting materials a few days prior to the scheduled team meeting.
  4. Encourage participation – from everyone. Be as inclusive as possible during your meeting and provide opportunities for less-outspoken team members to contribute to the conversation. Also, be prepared to ask individual participants directly for their input, especially if the meeting isn’t in person.
  5. Don’t fail to follow up. Capture ideas and to-do lists to prevent misunderstandings and hold people accountable for their action items. Sharing a recap of the creative team meeting and action items, even if it’s just a quick email with bullet points, can be incredibly valuable.

Learn more about how to manage a creative team on The Creative Group blog

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting interactive, design, advertising, marketing and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

The Creative Group
Carey Jenkins: Embracing The Rebuilding Years
Carey Jenkins: Embracing The Rebuilding Years
Carey Jenkins, CEO of Seattle’s Substantial digital studio, discusses how career and personal adversity presents all of us with the choice to see the negative or find a deeper message…
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USC Roski School of Art and Design
2018 American Graphic Design Award Winners
2018 American Graphic Design Award Winners
Sponsored by Verso Corporation and Adobe Stock
Showcasing once again the expansive ways in which graphic design shapes business and society, products and services, commerce and culture…
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Academy of Art University
The Next Macrotrend: Escape Into Everyday
The Next Macrotrend: Escape Into Everyday
In a guest blogpost, Interbrand’s Kate Perez and Andrew Shepherd discuss the emergence of consumers seeking relationships with brands they love, and how relevancy can be maintained by infusing elements of Escapism into design…
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