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“Embrace The Escape.” Good advice to designers from Interbrand in a trend piece now live on our website: “Consumers are seeking relationships with the brands they love… By infusing elements of escapism into design, brands can offer relevancy and relief to overstimulated consumers in today’s convoluted, transactional marketplace.” The takeaway: the noise has become a deafening roar and we cannot tune it all out, so thinking people are seeking ways to find calm and meaning from within; brands would be wise to align with this phenomenon. — Gordon Kaye
BrandOpus Reimagines the Molson Portfolio
BrandOpus Reimagines the Molson Portfolio
Global branding experts BrandOpus have collaborated with Molson Coors to rebrand its Molson portfolio of beers, including Molson Canadian…
UNO Creates Space For Latino-Influenced Minneapolis Brewery
UNO Creates for Latino-Influenced Brewery
La Doña Cervecería tapped the cross-cultural UNO design firm for inclusive and approachable retail branding…
Neenah Packaging
Nurturing A Wild Flower Into A Cultivated Brand
Nurturing A Wild Flower Into A Cultivated Brand
Farmacy is a farm-to-face skincare brand launched with the help of Manhattan-based VP+C Partners’ incubator program where they develop and launch new brands. The exterior packaging uses FSC® certified paper: “We selected Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Papers for the boxes because sustainability is such a core pillar for the Farmacy brand…”
Daring Sauce Solution
Daring Sauce Labels from EBD and Louise Fili
Spinelli’s sauces can be found across Colorado, but a product needs to be more than good, it needs to tell a story…
CF Napa and Tad Carpenter
CF Napa + Carpenter Help Brewery Shine
Brewery Ommegang has a new look from the efforts of CF Napa Brand Design and Carpenter Collective…
Escape Into Everyday
The Next Macrotrend: Escape Into Everyday
Kate Perez of Interbrand, in a guest blogpost, shows us the next macrotrend: Escape Into Everyday. Moving into the next decade, Escapism arises as the key macrotrend that serves as the impetus central to current and emerging cultural and design trends…
Watermark Brands
Watermark Brands Adventurous Cider
Big Pippin cider is positioned “for the exceptional adventurer.” Watermark was tasked with brand design…
Craft Beer
Craft Beer Branding Goes Simple and Bold
30 year old Deschutes Brewery decided to go simple and bold to recapture the market and appeal to millennials…
Students to Watch
GDUSA Names 2019 Students to Watch
With the help of many of America’s leading art and design schools, we once again identify top undergraduate, graduate or continuing education students ready to burst on the design scene after finding personal and professional growth through their programs…
Jan Tschichold and the New Typography / Graphic Design Between the World Wars
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