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The parent in me worries about the rush to legalize recreational marijuana; as Malcolm Gladwell wrote recently in The New Yorker, we still don’t know what we don’t know about the ramifications. But the libertarian (and the hedonist) in me finds it hard to justify its prohibition. And the cheerleader-for-designers in me is excited by the opportunity for branding and packaging experts, as attested to by the explosion in cannabis-related projects coming across my desk and entered in this year's American Package Design Awards™. The Annual will be published in print and online in about 10 days and you can check that out. — Gordon Kaye
Landor Renews Kellogg
Landor Renews Kellogg’s Boxes Across Europe
Kellogg has announced a portfolio-wide redesign of its cereal boxes across Europe that remains instantly recognizable through innovative use of Kellogg’s well-known logo…
Retail Voodoo Reimagines Russell Stover
Reimagining Sugar Free Russell Stover
Changing consumer preferences and me-too offerings moved Russell Stover to call on brand firm Retail Voodoo…
Neenah Packaging
Nurturing A Wild Flower Into A Cultivated Brand
Artisan Chocolate Infused With an Environmental Conscious
Hawaiian chocolate company Lonohana Estate Chocolate produces from seed to bar, and tapped Viola Design for elegant logo and packaging work. Produced by Aslan Graphics, the no-glue, fold-only package is based on a Japanese omiyage, and Viola specified CLASSIC® WOODGRAIN, Bare White for the packaging and used CLASSIC CREST®, Bare White, Smooth for the bellybands to add an extra layer of texture and interest to the aesthetic…
Paper Fashion Show
Annual Paper Fashion Show Set for Denver
The ONE Club for Creativity Denver’s 15th Annual Paper Fashion Show happens on April 12 in Aurora CO…
Snack Buddies Packaging
Packaging Whimsy Reaches Kids and Adults
Fortnight Collective helps transform the Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt brand into an innovator in the ice cream space…
Hospitality and Retail Design Trends
Mike Ruehlman: Four Hospitality and Retail Design Trends
As hospitality and retail experiences become more personalized and exciting for the consumer, graphic design has emerged as a central supporting figure…
Students to Watch
Book Says Age of Creative Egomaniacs at Work is Over
Encourage kinder and more sustainable working practices in creative industries with help from How to Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole…
GDUSA Web Design Awards
Enter Now – 2019 GDUSA Web Design Awards
The Best in Web + Digital + UX Design | Entry Deadline Friday, April 19
Sponsored by The Creative Group
We invite you to enter the 2019 American Web Design Awards™. This is our annual showcase of the power of design to enhance websites, and online and interactive experiences. Winners receive an embossed Certificate of Excellence. They will also be eligible for publication in our Web Design Annual — in print and online. It’s a great opportunity to be recognized by clients, prospects, colleagues and the community for design excellence in the fastest-growing area of design…
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