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Our 2019 American Package Design Awards™ was our biggest yet by every measure — reflecting the enduring, and growing, value of package design in an era in which brands are challenged by all kinds of noise. I will write about other trends revealed by our packaging awards program later but, right now, exclusive sponsor Neenah Packaging contributes a thought-provoking piece on the magic of the ‘unboxing moment’ and its meaning, below. — Gordon Kaye
2019 Package Design Awards
2019 Package Design Awards
Sponsored by Neenah Packaging
Makers, marketers and sellers are challenged as never before to tell their story and close the deal. Think fragmented audiences, information overload, media clutter, global competition, economic dislocation, and retail disruption. Package design and related disciplines are increasingly the difference makers in communicating the message, advancing the brand, and influencing the purchasing decision. The outstanding work showcased here — from 200 elite designers and producers — attests to the reality that is 2019. Our annual competition celebrates beauty and style, of course, but even more important, the power of deliberate design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.…
the Unboxing Moment
The Increasing Power of the Unboxing Moment
A Message From Neenah Packaging,
Sponsor of GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards™

Social media holds a power in today’s culture that is unlike any influencer before it. It has the ability to create celebrities, catapult global movements, and persuade followers. It’s also responsible for increasing the power of the unboxing moment…
Timesheets and Project Management
Neenah Packaging
Artisanal Coffee
Pearlfisher ‘Democratizes’ Passion for Artisanal Coffee
Pearlfisher New York worked with Chicago-based coffee roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee to refresh the identity, streamline their portfolio and create a new design expression for the brand’s coffee bags…
5 Essential Ways To Stay Creative
5 Essential Ways To Stay Creative
Through May 2, 2019, FunctionFox is offering a free demo and a 20% discount on your first subscriptions. Tracking time allows you to do more of the work you love, supports your creativity, and improves communication with your team and clients. A guest blogpost by Corina Ludwig, President of FunctionFox, shows us 5 essential ways to account for all the work you do – and make time to Stay Creative…
Heineken Package Design Goes Big
Heineken has partnered with creative studio VBAT in hopes of better visualizing its self-confidence on its cans. VBAT honored this brief by amplifying Heineken’s signature emblems and minimizing miscellaneous details…
2019 GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards
Enter The 2019 GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards
The Original and Premier Showcase for Inhouse Designers and their Departments
GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards™ is the premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers. It is a unique opportunity for inhouse designers at corporations, non-profits, institutions, universities, government, associations, media companies and other organizations with an inhouse designer or team to be recognized by managers, colleagues and the community for their creativity, for the special challenges they face, and for the full value they bring to the table. This is our 56th anniversary of organizing competitions for and with the creative community. Sponsored by The Creative Group
BRIGADE Sweetens SVEDKA Brand Extension
BRIGADE worked with SVEDKA for concepting, designing, and producing the packaging for SVEDKA Rosé. The Hadley MA-based design firm has had a decade-long relationship with the client, which is the number one importer of vodka in the United States…
Jan Tschichold and the New Typography / Graphic Design Between the World Wars
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