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December 2019 Newsletter
I worry that I am becoming a shallow(er) person with each tick of the clock. Today’s Take 5 Tips (below) from The Creative Group provides more evidence. Their listing of perks that employees value deals with personal and social quality of life issues: time to volunteer, paid parental leave, flexible scheduling, and the like. I resonated with one, and only one, perk on the list — free food. They say with age comes wisdom; I am skeptical. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
Hunt For Bin Laden
C&G Partners Depict Hunt For Bin Laden
Motifs of redaction, declassification, surveillance, and crime scene investigation are central components of Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden, a current exhibition designed by C&G Partners at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York…
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There is a ZOO near you
Erickson Stock
Classic Blue Is 2020 Pantone Color of Year
Classic Blue Is 2020 Pantone Color of Year
The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation…
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Art Resource
Pentagram Recalibrates Warner Bros. Identity
Pentagram Recalibrates Warner Bros. Identity
As a heritage brand, Warner Bros. has significant brand recognition - especially the shield emblem that encases the initials - but as a studio, its diverse content lacked a sense of brand cohesion: it should read as Warner Bros. content no matter the platform…
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International Paper
Academy of Art University
5 Top Perks That Win Employees Over

Take FiveLike it or not, many of your employees spend half their waking workweek — or more — at the office. Savvy, retention-minded employers understand the strain this can cause and try to make their workers’ time as pleasant as possible. After all, a happy team means higher productivity, greater creativity and less turnover. Here are the most common five perks that employers offer, according to research for the 2020 Robert Half Salary Guides:

  1. Flexible schedule and telecommuting. More and more companies allow employees to choose their own schedule, within reason. This can mean a compressed workweek, flextime or telecommuting one or two days a week.
  2. Paid parental leave. Companies that offer paid time off for new parents will likely gain points with top performers who may plan to become a parent — again or for the first time — in the future.
  3. Employee discounts. We’re not talking 5% off at the local coffee chain. Employees tend to love getting company-exclusive discounts on big-ticket purchases, from cars and homes to smartphones and home security systems.
  4. Free food (and good coffee). You don’t necessarily need to cater every meal but providing lunches once a week and quality coffee freely available in break rooms can certainly help keep morale (and caffeine levels) high.
  5. PTO for volunteering. This perk allows employees to donate their time to help others without dipping into their PTO. This also reflects highly on your corporate culture, helping you retain and recruit professionals whose values align with the organization.

Learn more about these perks and the top five common benefits by visiting The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

The Creative Group
New Chicago Fire Logo Ignited
New Chicago Fire Logo Ignited
The new Chicago Fire Football Club logo features an icon — “flames inverted to become a crown” — which, asserts Fire President and general manager Nelson Rodriguez, tells the story of the dramatic rebirth…
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Jam Paper
The Atlantic
The Atlantic Earns An ‘A’ For Design
The Atlantic’s new design — including a logo, visual identity and a wholesale redesign of the print magazine — begins with the December issue and is described as “the most dramatic overhaul of The Atlantic’s visual identity in its 162-year history.” …
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Better with Less Design Challenge
Siegel+Gale Travels With Hudson
Siegel+Gale Travels With Hudson
Siegel+Gale developed new brand strategy, voice and visual identity to express Hudson’s journey from a travel retail pioneer to travel experience leader, seeking to capture Hudson’s culture and legacy while showcasing a commitment to innovation…
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The Creative Group
2019 Responsible Designers to Watch
2019 Responsible Designers to Watch
Sponsored by Domtar and a complement to our perennial and popular special reports — People To Watch, Students To Watch, and Educators To Watch — we have added an annual “Responsible Designers To Watch” to the editorial mix…
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