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April 2020 Newsletter
I get my news and entertainment from a transistor radio, so the work-at-home learning curve has been very steep. Somehow I’ve gotten most of the way there because necessity is the mother of invention. I also got some help from The Creative Group on how to manage a remote team (see below). Turns out clear communication, empathy, truth and lots of tech support are indispensable. Good advice. Of course, they forget to mention the need for a robust supply of Double AA batteries … but nobody’s perfect. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
Poster Designers Say Thank You
Poster Designers Say Thank You
Nearly 1,800 digital billboards and screens across all five boroughs of New York City are displaying messages of public safety, gratitude, pride, and solidarity with essential workers. The project will radiate out from New York City’s Times Square…
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Academy of Art University
Erickson Stock
Jessica Walsh Brands Virtual Community
Jessica Walsh Brands Virtual Community
&Walsh, the design firm recently launched by Jessica Walsh, has developed the branding, strategy & merch for the female-owned SuperShe brand. SuperShe started as a women’s only private island…
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Triple Layer Edge Cards
Enter Our 2020 Web Design Awards
Enter Our 2020 Web Design Awards
We invite you to enter the 2020 American Web Design Awards™. This is our annual showcase of the power of design to enhance websites, and online and interactive experiences… Sponsored by The Creative Group…
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Art Resource
5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Take FiveAs more and more employees opt through necessity or preference to work from home, their managers are front and center in giving them the direction and support they need. But in an age of social distancing, how do you maintain a cohesive creative team when people are increasingly not co-located? Here are some ideas for effectively managing a remote team:

  1. Prioritize your communication efforts. Schedule regular calls with individuals and the full team to offer guidance and support, and make an extra effort to keep everyone in the loop on company and departmental news. Consider conducting these as video conference calls to keep the team connected.
  2. Show empathy. Check in frequently to demonstrate your concern about people’s well-being and potential sense of isolation. Consider daily 15-minute calls with your team to discuss non-work matters and give everyone a chance to share how they are coping.
  3. Shore up resources. Make sure essentials like production schedules, project timelines, background documents and the like are stored in a central online location that all remote employees can access and share the latest updates.
  4. Don’t allow tech tools to fail. Is technology helping or hindering your team’s productivity and collaboration? Make sure everyone knows how these tools and systems work, how to use them and who can fix them if troubles are encountered.
  5. Remember, trust is crucial. Frequent communication is crucial but avoid going too far and micromanaging remote employees. Employees need to feel confident that you believe they’re working as hard as they would in a regular office.

Learn more tips for managing a remote team by visiting The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

LogoLounge Book 12 Call For Entry
Jesus At Center of ‘Safe’ Church Logo
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a new symbol that emphasizes the primacy of Jesus’ teachings is now contained within a rectangular shape that represents the biblical cornerstone of the Apostle Paul…
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LogoLounge Book 12 Call For Entry
LogoLounge Book 12 Call For Entry
LogoLounge Book 12 Call for Entry Deadline is May 1
Don’t miss your chance for unlimited submissions to the graphic design industry’s most respected logo competition. LogoLounge is the best-selling logo design book series on the planet, containing the top identity designs from across the globe…
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Minnesota Turns The Tables
Minnesota Turns The Tables
Restaurants are reformulating their businesses to accommodate a new takeout model. To maximize revenue, many restaurants suggest direct takeout and pickup is the best way customers can help them stay open and thriving…
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Remote Control
Remote Control: Supporting The New Reality of Working From Home
Suddenly, whether by choice or necessity, we find ourselves negotiating the new reality of remote work. As a technology supplier to the creative community FunctionFox Systems wondered how to best make the transition to remote work easy, affordable, and intuitive for those that haven’t worked in this way before…
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