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August 2020 Newsletter
This time we feature three thought-provoking and timely commentaries on race, the pandemic, the election. Charles Nix argues: “While campaign design has historically been abysmal… recent elections have shown that design can have a powerful impact in bringing forward new voices.” Elle Morris explores race and branding, and urges: “Let’s recruit and hire more minority designers to help understand what’s culturally biased and what’s not.” And digital expert Ryan Brown contends: “Due to the pandemic, a brand’s digital presence is only increasing in importance. Today, design focused on crafting immersive and compelling digital experiences has never mattered more.” More on all these critical topics ahead. — Gordon Kaye, Editor
NASA Launches Mars 2020 Logo
For this summer’s launch of the Mars Rover, NASA asked Tobias van Schneider of the House of van Schneider to design a symbol capturing the energy and legacy of space travel…
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Paula Scher Goes Public With Love Story
Paula Scher Goes Public With Love Story
A towering figure in design, Paula Scher turned her first major project as Pentagram partner into a 25-year connection with the Public Theater in New York…
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Health and Wellness Awards
Enter GDUSA’s Health+Wellness Awards
Health and wellness is arguably the most important industry in the US, the epicenter of the national conversation, and an area in which graphic designers have a vital role to play in 2020. This competition takes in the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and nursing homes, pharmaceuticals and insurance, senior care and aging, mental health and counseling; healthy lifestyles such as fitness and exercise, organic foods and natural products, life and work balance, meditation and spirituality; and public health and education initiatives. Plus two special categories of particular topical interest: COVID-19 Communications and CBD/Medical Cannabis. It’s a unique opportunity to be recognized by clients, prospects and the community for design, advertising and marketing excellence. ENTRY DEADLINE AUGUST 21, 2020
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The Creative Group
5 Tips for Creating a Meaningful Career Map

Take FiveWhether you’re just starting out or feel as though your career is beginning to idle, creating a career map can be highly beneficial. A career map is a written plan outlining where you are in your career, where you ultimately want to go and the specific steps you could take to reach that objective. Here are five navigation tips to put you on the path toward meaningful professional progression:

  1. Pinpoint a destination. With reflection and detail, identify your primary professional objective and put it on paper. Whether you want to move into a managerial role or transition to a specialized area, make it specific and measurable.
  2. Know your starting point. Do a candid assessment of both your hard and soft skills. In what areas do you excel? Which aspects of your job excite you the most? What are your weaknesses? Be honest about your strengths, shortcomings, likes and dislikes.
  3. Ask for directions. Make your interests known to your manager and ask for input and assistance. Does your career plan align with where your boss sees you going? Consider also finding a mentor who can give you ongoing support, objective feedback and advice.
  4. Pay attention to career map mile markers. Break your goal down into a series of smaller ones, establishing clear-cut objectives, actionable steps and deadlines. When you reach a milestone, take time to reflect on and savor the achievement.
  5. Stay driven. When you run into a roadblock, regroup and move on. Don’t allow these inevitable disappointments to diminish your determination. Career progress requires not only planning, but also drive and discipline.

Learn more about how to advance your career by visiting The Creative Group blog.

The Creative Group (TCG) specializes in connecting creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. More information can be found at

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Madwell Brands Discreet
Madwell Brands Discreet DTC Condoms
To overcome the sometimes unpleasant experience of shopping for condoms, Champ, a new line of quality condoms and lubricants, created products offered online/DTC…
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Aruliden All In On NYC Comeback
Aruliden All In On NYC Comeback
The Coalition for NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery, has unveiled a revitalization campaign. All In NYC: The Roadmap for Tourism’s Reimagining and Recovery…
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Syracuse University
Artisan Staffing
Politicians Wake Up To Power of Design
Politicians Wake Up To Power of Design
A guest post by Charles Nix, Creative Type Director at Monotype, looks at this important election year with less than one hundred days until U.S. elections…
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Elle Morris
Elle Morris On Branding and Race
Elle Morris of the minority owned and led SnapDragon, a firm leveraging its expertise to bring consumers the brands that they love with beauty and cultural meaning, discusses the journey towards eliminating racial bias in branding…
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Digital Design Matters More Than Ever
Digital Design Matters More Than Ever
Ryan Brown, head of brand strategy at Ceros, reminds us: Digital design that focuses on creating immersive experiences is needed now more than ever…
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