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grant nicol

grant nicol

Portfolio Center

Grant Nicol was born in San Diego CA and raised in Atlanta GA. He headed to Clemson University for a BS in Graphic Communications and then to Portfolio Center to study design. Nicol has had many different jobs but found his true calling in design. He loves the versatility, the process, and the excitement that follows. Nicol finds inspiration through others and the endless innovation that exists in design. He has a passion for live music, likes to speak unnecessarily loud, and loves to learn.

What made you decide to go to design school?
I want to live my life filled with passion and energy, and what is design if not full of passion and energy? College was great, I just realized that I was not going to be able to fulfill my professional ambitions with my degree. I had done a few internships and it seemed no one really enjoyed their job. This got me thinking: I don’t want just a simple 9 to 5. I wanted a creative profession I could put all of who I am into.

Has it been a positive experience?
By going to Portfolio Center, a whole new world of opportunity opened up to me. Design has such an amazing potential in so many different ways. You really learn there is nothing design can’t do. Going to Portfolio Center pushed me harder than I ever had experienced before, and made me go nuts at times, but what I got out of it will last a lifetime.

Design Hero?
James Victore
Favorite Color?
The awesome ones
Favorite Typeface?
Favorite TV Shows?
Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boardwalk Empire
Favorite Books?
Letters To a Young Poet, Calvin and Hobbes and biographies
Favorite Movies?
I’ve been on a Wes Anderson kick lately
Favorite Music?
The Black Keys
Favorite Fine Artist?
Pablo Picasso
Favorite Gadget?
Bookmarked Websites?
Grooveshark, Design Observer, Under Consideration, Pitchfork, The Dieline