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Green People: Lifecycles + Lifestyles




Principal and designer Cynthia Gale of this eastern Pennsylvania design studio writes: “Designing compassionate, prosperous and sustainable brands is BarberGale's work worth doing.

Side by side, we work with our clients to align their sustainable business strategies with sustainable branding, design, and marketing channels which support their goals. Together, we review brand messaging to ensure we are promoting green-wash free information; and build a sustainable brand identity. A truly sustainable brand can easily become a bonfire, attracting the relationships and customers we seek, and creating advocates to tell our client's brand stories. We deliver compassionate, prosperous and sustainable brands to the forefront of your customers’ minds.”

“We strive to go beyond green design: we broaden our fields of vision to include not only environmental responsibility, but also fiscal and social responsibility; which for us are the 3 components of sustainable design. A business, its brands and strategies should be sustainable on all three fronts. To show how much we believe in this philosophy, we are proud to be a Certified B Corporation. When you support a Certified B Corporation, you’re supporting a better way to do business.”

Camphill Soltane

Starting from the well-established ‒ but in need of some TLC ‒ brand of Camphill Soltane, BarberGale was commissioned by Foundation Board President Rachel Bowden to update the brand language, redefine visuals and create a more current and vibrant background. Camphill Soltane is a community of young adults, part of a much larger Camphill international community of individuals with developmental disabilities, and residential volunteers and families who live, learn, and work together. To develop a brand language, the design team spent a few days on the rolling hills of the 50-acre campus an hour west of Philadelphia PA. Cynthia Gale describes the scene: “There we were surrounded by amazingly friendly people, and equally amazing work: a weaving shop turning out intricate and inspired designs; a hands-on art workshop; an apple orchard and berry patches for the production and selling of Soltane’s ciders and spreads; organic bread made with hand-ground flours; warm granola being bagged; drama, music and movement classes. Our color palette was developed out of the rich rusts and reds of the weaving shop and apple orchard, the fresh green of the meadows, and lush deep earth brown and berry blues. Onsite photography helped us tell the story with warm, casual and compelling close-ups, balanced with group activity shots. We built out the brand with typography, logo patterns, photo treatments; which grew into two signature programs for Camphill Soltane: Soltane breads and spreads, a storefront shop offering single origin coffees, teas, and mouthwatering baked goods; and the annual Wine & Fine Dining event. Life is very busy at Camphill Soltane.”