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Green People: Lifecycles + Lifestyles


Riverbed Design


At Riverbed, design is a critical element in how they approach all projects, with a fundamental goal of deploying resources efficiently.

They consider and discuss with clients the lifecycle benefits and costs of the products they intend to create. Creative Director and Principal Corbet Curfman explains: “First, we are clear on the purpose behind each campaign, product or service before any design work begins or resources are deployed. We ask questions that challenge the purpose and scope of each initiative through the lens of sustainability. Can we use digital options versus printed forms, can we source low impact materials for use in production, are there suppliers who share our core values of people, planet and profit and can we help incubate a new material or process that is gentler on the environment? As designers, we believe it is our duty to partner with our clients to not only create effective and delightful forms of communication but to educate them on the impact of their initiatives and the greener options are increasingly available.”

“Running a sustainable design firm allows us to feel good about the work we are doing and fuels our passion to push for continuous improvement. We consider our sustainable focus and positioning a strategic advantage, and we have heard from our clients that it is one of the reasons we are selected as their designer of choice. Our clients value our experience and we share our lessons learned along the way. Industry peers invite us to speak at events and we love to share our knowledge as we inspire others in this direction. Sustainability has been a benefit because we don’t consider it an add-on service but one that is standard practice within our portfolio of design, branding and communication offerings.”

Sustainable West Seattle

Sustainable West Seattle, a local non-profit promoting sustainability at the grassroots level, collaborated with Riverbed Design to create a Stormwater Education Program. Stormwater is a significant problem in the Puget Sound region. Each year 14 million pounds of hazardous pollutants wash into the Sound from impervious surfaces like paved streets, sidewalks, and rooftops. This toxic contamination threatens human health, the economic vitality of the region, and the survivability of the Puget’s most emblematic species: salmon and orcas. Sustainable West Seattle believes that by raising awareness among residents and empowering them with tools to help, the Puget Sound may be restored back to health. Riverbed developed a public service campaign included a series of posters highlighting each event in the program, online advertising, and an informational brochure. These materials were printed on a digital press using PCW recycled paper, FSC and SFI certified.