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evan campisi

evan campisi


Evan Campisi is the design director of NYLON magazine, living and working in New York City. After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in graphic design, Campisi began working as a designer at Entertainment Weekly magazine. In 2011, after 6 years at EW, he took over as art director of NYLON, where he oversees the design of both the print and digital editions of the magazine. Campisi’s work has been featured by the Society of Publication Designers and he credits much of his design knowledge to his father, Ronn Campisi, who owns his own design studio in their hometown of Boston.

Where were you born and where do you live now? How does that affect your design sensibility?
I live in New York City, traveling on foot or by bike every day. It’s a stimulating experience being constantly surrounded by people. You’re forced to interact with the city. Growing up in Boston, travel is more of a point to point operation. You see less and engage less with your surroundings. Working at a fashion magazine, you're seeing all the styles and culture we write about out on the street during the day and at bars and concerts by night. It’s a lot easier and more fun to get your magazine’s message across when you are living with the content you cover.

Who would you say is the most influential graphic designer of the past 50 years? How have they influenced your design?
Apple has changed the way companies can approach design. Apple found a way to make products sought after for their design both functional and profitable. More companies should apply this logic to their business.

What is your greatest strength and weakness as a designer or design manager?
Hovering a fine line: trying to be social and respected as a manager – it’s a delicate balance.

Favorite Color?
Grey. I’m currently removing all color from my personal life. This may be a reaction to the amount of hot pink I encounter every day at NYLON.
Favorite Typeface?
Everything from Commercial Type
Favorite App?
Weather Dial. If Dieter Rams had a weather app it might look like this.
Favorite TV Show?
PilotsEye.tv German web series of airplane
cockpit videos. Each episode is a different flight. Frankfurt to SFO is a good one.
Favorite Book?
I’m really excited about 800 Views of Airports by Peter Fischli & David Weiss
Favorite Movie?
Would highly recommend Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Favorite Musician or Band?
Currently consumed with Pitchfork's best of 2012 lists
Favorite Gadget?
Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano
Bookmarked Websites?
Too many to note, but Google Reader is indispensable