Brigade Takes Curtain Call For Studio School Branding

Studio School, formerly known as Relativity School, came to BRIGADE for a complete brand refresh to help launch their new name. The school’s location at Los Angeles Center Studios gives emerging entertainment artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to pursue fully-accredited degrees with working professionals on an active studio lot. To reflect Studio School’s commitment to the craft of storytelling and spirit of entrepreneurship, the design firm used lingo from the entertainment industry to bring the identity to life in a bold and playful way. The resulting text-based design sparks interest in the potential student’s mind, inviting them to look closer.



Design Director on the project, Jan Šabach, explains that much of the identity’s power comes from a “Place For Creative Collaboration” concept combined with use of a simple framing gesture — two shapes resembling letterforms L and A. Šabach notes that, at the reveal party, students were already owning the frame gesture which “from a designer’s point of view, this felt great.” Creative credits at BRIGADE go to Executive Creative Director Kirsten Modestow, Design Director Jan Šabach, Designers George Velez and Jan Šabach, Copywriter Melenie Flynn, and Project Manager Candace Hope. ECD Modestow was a GDUSA Person To Watch in 2016.