Landor Leads USA Anniversary Initiative


Global brand consultancy Landor is working with the America 250 Foundation to execute a multi-year campaign that builds awareness for – and educates America about – the nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026. The Landor team has developed the America 250 brand with the goal of creating a stronger sense of American unity over the next six years than there is today.


Says Valerie Aurilio, GM Landor Chicago and Executive Creative Director of America 250: “Our team is committed to building more than just a visual identity. Our country is defined by its diversity, so branding ourselves means capturing the contradictions of the American spirit. We’re bringing elegant ideals and revolutionary grit together in one commemorative brand that reveals many different facets of our nation – while providing a platform for the 330 million perspectives that shape it.”


The brand celebrates the American spirit through a juxtaposition of historic and modern moments. Inspired by the engraved elements and craftsmanship of anti-counterfeit design, the logo represents how this spirit cannot be replicated. “The real achievement will be when everyday Americans are using the identity. We’ll know we’ve succeeded when our neighbors proudly use our work to make their own voice heard,” says Aurilio.