In its sixth year as a photo community and marketplace for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography, 500px has introduced a newly redesigned logo. Formerly a 5-infinity symbol — striking but, as the company acknowledges, with no story behind it — the new logo captures the culture, vision and evolution of the venture which has grown to more than 6 million members and 60 million images. 


Clean, simple and articulate, the new logotype communicates the 500px name and will be the one predominantly used in most applications. The mark is bold, demonstrative and more playful, with a pattern that evokes a fingerprint and animation that echoes the turn of a camera lens.


VP of Design Adam Shutsa explains: “We wanted a logo and mark that were bold and unique. We love how the new mark combines the lines of a lens with the imagery of a fingerprint. It’s something that really shows 500px’s dedication to photography and creative expression.”

Shutsa explains that the benefits of the change are threefold:  clear communication of name and identity; better representation of the brand on a variety of platforms, no matter the space constraints; and both the logotype and mark convey the attributes of quality, authenticity, and personal expression that define the 500px community, with the photographer at the center.

Chase Turberville, Brand Designer at Focus Lab in Savannah GA, was design partner on the project. You can hear Shutsa and Turbeville talk through their thinking in the video below.