Siegel+Gale Reinvents ‘Timeshare’ For Wyndham Destinations


Siegel+Gale has partnered with Wyndham Destinations the world’s largest timeshare company on a brand identity and strategy that sets out to “reinvent” the vacation ownership experience. Because the word “timeshare” has an outdated connotation, the client wanted to change that perception to attract a younger demographic.

BILLBOARD 0110-2 2018-06-01

To help, Siegel+Gale developed a more expressive logo: the slant of the Y suggest a journey, while the dot creates the destination. To reinforce the sophistication of the new brand, the color palette is elegant and modern, relying heavily on black and white. A series of arrows of differing styles and weights represents the variety of options for diverse vacation experiences, while custom arrows convey the flexibility and diversity of each customer’s journey.



Innovative Card Packaging from Burgopak