GDUSA’s Package Design Awards Open Thru Friday January 26


Package, Label, P-O-P, Signage + The Whole Retail Experience

Sponsored by Neenah Packaging

New Deadline:  Friday January 26, 2018

The editors of Graphic Design USA invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by its national design competitions for five decades. The goal of these competitions is to focus attention on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design professionals, to recognize the best work being done in those arenas, and to emphasize the value that graphic design brings to business and society.

GDUSA’s American Package Design Awards™ is the fastest growing.

The reason is simple if profound: Marketers and retailers are challenged as never before to convey their message and promote their brand. Think fragmented audiences, diluted mass media, eroding loyalty, global competition. Package design — along with instore graphics and point-of-sale — is increasingly the difference maker in the consumer’s purchasing decision. This annual competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. Winners receive an embossed Neenah Packaging Certificate of Excellence for each piece selected and become eligible for reproduction in our American Package Design Awards Annual that will appear in April 2018 in print, online on our well-trafficked website winners gallery.

Who is Eligible?

Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the work. Entries must have been created or placed in the store between January 1, 2016 and January 25, 2018.

HOW TO ENTER – Please choose only one method of entry!!!


Download the American Package Design Awards Entry Form

Fill out one entry form for each entry you are submitting. (You only need to enter the payment information for your entries on one of the entry forms.) Create a folder with all completed entry forms and one digital image per entry. Please zip the file and name it with your company name. Upload the zipped file on our site. It is not necessary to submit your files by regular mail if you enter online.


If you choose not to enter online, please send the actual printed piece, unmounted but well protected. We cannot return entry materials. Do not send original artwork or any work in low supply. Additionally, please provide one high-resolution digital file for each entry submitted on a CD. Multiple entries from one company can all be submitted on the same CD.

Acceptable File Formats

300 dpi Adobe Photoshop .tiff or .jpeg files are acceptable. Images should be at least 5 x 5 inches and CMYK. Adobe Illustrator files are acceptable with outlines created around the type. We do not accept Quark or InDesign files. Please convert these file types to photoshop jpegs or tiffs.

Form Preparation

Fill in two entry forms for each of your submissions. Attach one copy of the entry form to the back of the actual piece and include the other copy with your payment. If you are submitting the same piece in more than one category, please include a separate entry form for each category.


1. Health and Wellness
2. Beauty and Personal Care
3. Wine, Beer and Liquor
4. Food and Beverages (non-alcoholic)
5. Electronics and Computers
6. Music and Entertainment
7. Home, Garden and Industrial
8. Sports/Toys/Games
9. Babies and Children
10. Animal and Pets
11. Fashion, Apparel and Accessories
12. Students

13. Luxury Packaging
14. Sustainable Packaging
15. Private Label Packaging

16. P-O-P/Posters/Signs
17. Kiosks/Displays
18. Hangtags and Labels
19. Giftwrap/Shopping Bags/Takeout
20. Store Logos/Identity/Branding

Entry Fees

1 Entry . . . . . . . . .  $75
2 Entries . . . . . . .  $120
3 Entries . . . . . . .  $150
4-6 Entries . . . . .  $180
7-10 Entries . . . .   $210
11-15 Entries. . . . . $240
16-20 Entries. . . . .$275
20+ Entries. . . . . . $300

Multiple entries which are part of a series or campaign may be submitted as one entry. Please indicate on the back of each member of the series that it is part of a larger group (e.g. 1 of 5) up to 5 pieces in a series.

Rights and Permissions

Winning entrants grant Kaye Publishing Corporation the right to reproduce the winning pieces in GDUSA and its Package Design Annual, and on our website at

Mail Entries to:

Graphic Design USA
89 Fifth Avenue, Suite 901
New York, NY 10003
Attention: Awards Department


Tel: 212.696.4380
Fax: 212.696.4564

About the Sponsor

NP_Logo_Master_VerticalNeenah Packaging partners with some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking global brands, including Amazon and Jack Daniel’s, to create custom packaging solutions designed to build brand equity. Whether it’s readymade papers, sustainable options or one-of-a-kind custom solutions, Neenah Packaging offers products that enable brands to create an emotional connection engaging customers both visually and through the science of touch. Neenah Packaging’s best-in-class service and substrate expertise will help you differentiate your retail packaging at shelf, and make that coveted connection with your customers. Neenah Packaging. Never Flat, Always Premium.

If the project you are entering is on a Neenah paper or label product, your entry fee is waived!

File Upload

Please use this Hightail link to send your archived materials:

As an alternative, email your entry form to