Enter Now! 2017 GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards


Sponsored by Erickson Stock
Deadline: Friday August 18, 2017

For five decades, GDUSA has presented competitions that focus on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design. In 2017, that’s the perfect description of health and wellness, the fastest-growing segment of the economy and the epicenter of the national conversation. This competition encompasses the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and nursing homes pharmaceuticals and insurance, senior care and aging, mental health and counseling;  healthy lifestyles such as fitness and exercise, organic foods and natural products, life and work balance, meditation and spirituality;  and public health and community education initiatives.  It’s a great opportunity to be recognized by clients, prospects and the community for design, advertising and marketing excellence in an area of ultimate importance, fundamental transformation, and robust growth.


Who is Eligible?
The entire community including graphic design firms, ad agencies, inhouse departments, or anyone involved in the creation, production, supervision or distribution of the project or campaign.

What is Eligible?
Entries must have been created between January 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.

How to Enter

OPTION 1: Enter Online

Download the 2017 Health + Wellness Design Awards Entry Form

Fill out one entry form for each entry your are submitting. Create a folder which includes all completed entry forms and one or two digital images per entry. Please zip the file and name it with your company name. Upload the zipped file at the bottom of this page where it says UPLOAD FILE HERE.

OPTION 2: Mail Hardcopy

Please send the actual piece. We cannot return entry materials. Fill in one entry form for each submission. Attach the entry form to the back of the actual piece. If you are submitting the same piece in more than one category, please include a separate entry form for each category. Please fill out each entry form as clearly as possible. Payment information for ALL entries can be placed on ONE single form.

Digital File Preparation
All entries should be accompanied by a high resolution digital file. Please provide one or two images to represent each submission. It is not necessary to provide digital files of entire publications; the cover and a spread or a couple of interior pages are sufficient. Multiple entries from one company can all be submitted on the same CD or flash drive.


300 dpi Photoshop tiff or jpeg, minimum 5″ wide x 5″ high
Adobe Illustrator file with outlines created around the type
High Resolution PDF

We do not accept Quark or indesign files. Please convert these file types to photoshop jpegs or tiffs.

For entries in the categories of Online Design or Video + Footage + Motion Graphic, please supply a screen capture (10 maximum) and a high-quality laser printout of the entry. Oversized entries, larger than 11″ x 14″ or three-dimensional entries, should be submitted as a high resolution digital file on a CD or flash drive accompanied by a high quality laser printout.

1. Advertising
2. Annual + Corporate Reports
3. Brochures + Collateral
4. Corporate Identity + Branding
5. Direct Mail + Direct Response
6. Infographics
7. Invitations, Announcements, Cards
8. Logos, Trademarks + Symbols
9. Online Design (Website, Apps, UX/UI, Email, Social Media, etc.)
10. Packaging
11. POP, Signage + Exhibits
12. Posters
13. Publications + Periodicals
14. Public Service + Pro Bono
15. Sales Promotion For Client
16. Self Promotion For Yourself
17. Video + Footage + Motion Graphics

Tel: 212.696.4380
Fax: 212.696.4564
Email: awards@gdusa.com

Entry Fees

1 Entry                   $75
2 Entries               $120
3 Entries               $150
4-6 Entries           $180
7-10 Entries         $210
11-15 Entries        $240
16-20 Entries       $275
20+ Entries          $300

Multiple entries considered to be part of a series or campaign may be counted as one entry. You may include up to 5 pieces in a series. Please indicate on the back of each member in the series that it is part of a larger group (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.) and place them in an envelope. Tape the entry form to the back of the envelope.

Mail entries to:
Graphic Design USA
89 Fifth Avenue, Suite 901
New York, NY 10003
Att: Awards Department

* NOTE: It is not necessary to mail in your entries if you submit them online.


From the Sponsor

Legendary, award-winning motion and still photographer Jim Erickson at Erickson Stock is proud to sponsor GDUSA’s 2017 Health + Wellness Design Awards featuring the noteworthy, creative work in the field. With healthcare on the minds of many, new ways of communicating vital issues becomes more prevalent, and more important.

To help tell this story, Erickson Stock features new narrative spots featuring aging, relationships, health and community with a simple and authentic voice; shedding a majestic light on seniors and the years passing. Seniors hold a key to that role in our lives that is often overlooked. Everyone loves someone who is aging. The legacy seniors pass on is both compelling and informative, and the human connection is the strongest currency we have.

Erickson Stock’s relaunched stock video and photography site brings into sharp focus a passion for topics on aging. The site has come of age itself, with Royalty Free images and e-commerce functionality for the first time.

The prepackaged spots are revolutionizing the industry with a simplistic approach fueled by the power of storytelling. It also has the added benefit of a low-cost approach, since Jim films most of the spots himself. It’s an innovative, turnkey solution in providing a brand’s identity in video, with a human touch. Industries can now license the spots as is or Jim customizes them for each industry or business.

Stories for your brand, specializing in seniors. Download your next story.


Please use this Hightail link to send your archived materials:


As an alternative, email your entry form to awards@gdusa.com.