Enter The 2017 GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards


For Inhouse Departments At Corporations, Non-Profits, Associations, Media + Publishing, Universities + Institutions Of All Kinds


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The American Inhouse Design Awards is the premier showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers. It is a unique opportunity for inhouse design, marketing and communications departments within corporations, publishing houses, non-profits, universities and government agencies to be recognized for their creativity, for the special challenges they face, and for their contributions to their businesses and institutions.

Much of today’s best graphic design is done by inhouse designers, but their role is too often undervalued. This competition’s mission is to make sure inhouse designers are recognized by their colleagues and the creative community. And, most importantly in 2017, to underscore the value of the inhouse department to corporate and institutional management. American Inhouse Design Awards winners will receive a Letter of Congratulations and a frameable embossed Certificate of Excellence for each piece selected. In addition, winning entries will be eligible for publication in our 250-page Inhouse Design Awards Annual in both print and digital formats, as well as our popular website.


Who is Eligible?
Entries may be submitted by any inhouse design department, team or individual actively involved in the creation or production of the work.

What is Eligible?
Entries must have been created between January 1, 2016, and April 20, 2017.

How to Enter:


Download the 2017 American Inhouse Design Awards Entry Form

Fill out one entry form for each entry your are submitting. Create a folder including all completed entry forms and one or more high resolution digital images per entry. Please zip the file and name it with your company name. Upload the zipped file using the link below.

Mail in your entry

Please send the actual printed piece, unmounted but well protected. We cannot return entry materials. Do not send original artwork or any work in low supply. All entries should be accompanied by a single high-resolution digital file. Digital files should be sub­mitted on a CD or flash drive. Multiple entries from one company can all go on the same CD or flash drive.


Preference is for 300 dpi Photoshop tiff or jpeg, minimum size 5″ x 5″
OR Adobe Illustrator file with outlines created around the type
We will also accept high resolution PDF if that is easiest for you.

We do not accept Quark or Indesign Files, please convert these to Photoshop jpegs or tiffs or PDF.

For entries in the categories of Internet Design and Multimedia + Interactive Design, please supply a screen capture on a CD or flash drive and, if the entries can currently be seen online, the URL. A laser printout should accompany each entry. For entries in the category of Logos + Symbols, please supply a high-resolution digital file of the entry on a CD and a high-quality laser printout. Oversized entries larger than 11″ x 14″ or three-dimensional entries, should be submitted as a high-resolution digital file on CD or flash drive accompanied by a high-quality laser printout.

Entry Form Preparation

Fill in two entry forms for each of your submissions. Attach one copy of the entry form to the back of the actual piece and include the other copy with your payment. If you are submitting the same piece in more than one category, please include a separate entry form for each category. Please fill out each entry form as clearly as possible. If you are submitting more than one entry, you only need to fill in payment information on the first form.


1. Annual Reports
2. Announcements + Invitations
3. Advertising
4. Books
5. Broadcast Design
6. Brochures + Collateral
7. Calendars
8. Catalogs
9. Corporate Identity Programs
10. Direct Mail + Direct Response
11. Environmental Graphics
12. Infographics
13. Internet/Intranet Design
14. Letterhead + Stationery
15. Logos + Symbols
16. Multimedia + Interactive
17. Newsletters
18. Packaging
19. P-O-P, Displays + Signs
20. Posters
21. Presentations
22. Publications
23. Public Service + Pro Bono Projects
24. Sales Promotion/Sales Kits
25. Surface Graphics
26. Sustainability Reports + CSR

Entry Fees
1 Entry . . . . . . . . . . . $75
2 Entries:. . . . . . . . . $120
3 Entries:. . . . . . . . . $150
4-6 Entries:. . . . . . . $180
7-10 Entries:. . . . . . $210
11-15 Entries: . . . . . $240
16-20 Entries: . . . .  $275
20+ Entries: . . . . . . $300

Multiple entries considered to be part of a series or campaign may be counted as one entry. You may include up to 5 pieces in a series. Please indicate on the back of each member in the series that it is part of a larger group (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.) and place them in an envelope. Tape the entry form to the back of the envelope.

Mail Entries to:
Graphic Design USA 89 Fifth Avenue, Suite 901 New York, NY 10003
Attention: Awards Department

* It is not necessary to mail in your entries if you submit them online.

Tel: 212.696.4380
Fax: 212.696.4564
Email: awards@gdusa.com

File Upload

Please use this Hightail link to send your archived materials: