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What Should a Natural Product Look Like?

Guest Blog Post by Jenn David Connolly When you think of a natural product, do you think of muted colors, green and brown earthy tones and kraft paper — to represent healthy, all natural, simple/clean ingredients, wholesome, maybe even organic and non-GMO? Think again. Natural products certainly looked their expected part when they first started


FDA Food Labeling Guide Made Easy

Guest Blog Post by Jenn David Connolly Founder & Creative Director of Jenn David Design Believe it or not, many of the packaged food products in the retail marketplace don’t conform to the FDA Food Labeling Guide requirements. It’s not surprising, seeing as the guide is lengthy, confusing and complex. The FDA can’t check every package


Eye Candy: 6 Sinfully Sweet Package Designs

Halloween is right around the corner, so of course I can’t stop thinking about candy. Here are 6 tantalizing package designs that have kept me salivating while I wait for the real treats to arrive. Jealous Sweets, designed by London’s B&B studio, will inspire envy in every would-be Willy Wonka. Giftability, desirability and improved natural cues