Candid Advertiser Lets You In On The Joke

Justin’s, a maker of high-quality nut butters, nut butter snacks and organic peanut butter cups, launched its first advertising campaign since the brand was created by Justin Gold in 2004. TDA Boulder, who has worked with the brand for 9 years, and created its current brand identity and packaging, developed the campaign. The creative approach focuses on the sincerity and humility that has been core to the  brand, down to the self-aware tagline, “I’m Advertising, Justin”.


Every aspect of the creative is set against a spare, clean white background as a nod to the brand’s packaging and identity of delivering on clean and mindfully sourced ingredients. The digital, print and out of home executions spotlight a product image with minimal copy, ending with the tagline sign off. Comments Lauren Lortie, VP Marketing at Justin’s: “I’m Advertising isn’t just about us being excited about advertising, it’s also about us letting you in on the joke. It may be the most honest tagline in the history of advertising.” Adds Jonathan Schoenberg, Executive Creative Director/Partner, TDA_Boulder: “I’m Advertising, says that we know we are advertising and so do you, and we hope our candor breaks through the barrage of advertising that is selling to all of us each day.”