Message From The Sponsor: The Power of Packaging

Neenah Packaging is honored to once again celebrate the power of packaging, and the creators of the wonderful work showcased in this growing competition.

Packaging holds many levels of importance. It’s often the first opportunity for a brand to introduce itself to shoppers, it’s the last message delivered that can influence a sale, and it is relied upon to protect that coveted item.

So, what sets a premium brand apart in saturated markets, and on overstocked shelves? What packaging attributes best convey the essence of a brand, entice shoppers to interact with a product, and create a memorable impression?

A well-designed package is successful at securing those elusive ‘four seconds at shelf’ to draw in potential new customers, while creating an experience that triggers brand recall and cultivates repeat customers.

To consumers, the package that holds the product is a direct extension of the brand. Whether a brand uses color, texture, or innovative construction to display its products, the materials used as the foundation for design are key to supporting the brand’s premium status. At Neenah, we believe that premium packaging begins with premium papers.

In the world of wines, spirits and breweries, for instance, labels and gift boxes are the tools used to express the character of a brand. A natural-looking, richly textured paper label might tell an authentic story of a local craft brewer, or convey the heritage of an iconic distiller. Or a vineyard may choose to showcase its elegance with a beautifully smooth, bright white label and specialty printing.

For beauty and luxury products, originality and sensory appeal are often the tools of the trade for representing the essence of the brand and the quality of a product. A thick, softly textured box can illustrate a beauty brand’s natural product line and environmental mission. Where as a unique folding carton with a brushed metal or snakeskin finish can evoke images of opulence.

Premium brands understand that the un-boxing moment is an important part of the customer experience — for many luxury brands the package itself can even be considered a keepsake. Whether it’s a top shelf spirit or a line of luxurious home fragrances, product quality is essential for creating a package durable enough to protect its heavy, yet fragile contents, while at the same time showing a sense of appreciation for the customer’s interaction with the brand from the purchase all the way through to the end use.

Neenah Packaging understands the power of packaging it’s purpose to deliver on a brand’s promise and complement the product it holds, and the mission of designers and brand managers to continually think outside the box.