Piero Salardi Straightens Out Uncle Funky’s Daughter


Uncle Funky’s Daughter is a company dedicated to curly hair care products, created to help the curly hair community manage hair naturally. The products use renewable plant resources of aloe, coconut, and olive as bases. To better reflect the global market, Houston TX design agency Piero Salardi replaced the image of a woman with an afro in the center of the labels with a logo consisting of eight interconnecting circles, forming a geometrical pattern in radial balance.



In between the circles, gaps are created, with an eight point double star in the middle creating a mandala —  the spiritual symbol that represents the universe and evokes balance, unity, and harmony. Explains creative principal Salardi, who has nearly two decades of branding experience, the inspiration for the logo was “one of the inner walls of the Alhambra Palace in Spain.” To help consumers distinguish the range of products, they are color-coded for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing cremes, and curl definers.