Tribe Hummus Rolls Out Clean Label Tubs


Tribe, a leading hummus brand, has removed artificial preservatives and is relaunching the brand as clean label, emphasizing the company’s resolve in making hummus from real ingredients. The new design, by Pause for Thought, “telegraphs the brand positioning and balances functional and emotional messages,” says Janice Pedley, founder/creative director.

Tribe Hummus before (left) and after (right) redesign
Tribe Hummus before (left) and after (right) redesign

“The distinctive logo and the color black are key equities for the Tribe brand,” adds Pedley. “By retaining the black rim but reversing the label colors (black logo on white background), we maintained familiarity, while shifting to a fresh and healthy look.” Each flavor has a pared down color palette of black, white and a flavor color, which is also featured in the illustration. Custom illustrations are intended to have a  timeless, crafted feel and a “Share Real Taste” message was added. “There is an opportunity for a hummus brand to own ‘all natural’ clean label,” says Alan Graham, Vice President, Marketing, Tribe Mediterranean Foods. “Our core primary research showed that consumers purchase decisions are most influenced by ingredients (30%) and flavor (34%) and those ingredients focused on all natural or no artificial preservatives.” The clean label tubs are currently rolling out nationally.